Sunday, January 31, 2010


today marks the end of january 2010.. excitements, laughters, suprises, anger, tiredness and not forgetting desperation of pulling votes.. this is what happening around me.. apparently i feel my blood pressure rising fast thanks to canon photocontest in facebook.. recent frequently used word "cilaka" all because of those ugly photo which pulled 1109 stars.. not giving up on the camera but i will just try my best.. did not really pm people to vote for me nor check the voting page.. i wonder if canon willing to post those super ugly pic with lotsa votes.. we'll see.. i need a break.. i want to have a nice january..

happy days passed real fast.. i loves times square lucky dips.. the prize is attractive.. at least for me.. those gift n the packaging uplifted the sensation of chinese new year aroma in me.. never really like chinese new year for certain reasonssss.. but to me chinese new year is the time to make gatherings.. i cant wait to meet the girls and the excos.. i told my friend.. i never do things that have no chance of success.. n here i am.. 2 successfully planned gatherings.. waahaahaha.. sorry to b vain but i cant help it..

so much of freebies this month.. sharing 2 of them here ^o^
me loves my cute colorful lucky birdie.. *an extra free lucky dip*

welcoming the year of tiger with tiger beer in the afternoon.. *free from chic pop*

call me greedy or cheapskate for feeling so happy or easily fulfilled with freegifts.. but i believes everyone will want things for free too.. who want to spend when you can have it all free.. if you insist to pay for free gift then i'll name you as a fool.. wahahaha

**resting for 2days.. *means lazy pull votes*
**counting days to go home with my gadgets.. *means fyp*
**awaiting every minute to c them..*means family n friends*

Thursday, January 28, 2010


bond.. yeah if you might know what i meant.. anyway just a short post.. not posting my photocontest yet as i am not til that stage yet.. this contest really tested how thick my face is.. pretty thick thou.. thanks for some for being so helpful.. i wonder how high is my blood pressure now as this photocontest pumped my adrenaline pretty high i would say.. every hour i will sit in front of my laptop n hunt.. yeah..

elephants... huu haa huu haa..
this pic was taken during my testing on error 99.. after this pic.. error 99 forbid me to snap using kitlens anymore..

gonna eat grass for april n may.. reasons?
will reveal reasons soon... heart breaking yet i feel very energetic towards it..

well before i end this post.. would like to ask for help too *thou will post it soon but y not now too*

Pls vote for me in the canon photocontest.. ask ur close friends and family too ya :D... thx thx alot...

Friday, January 22, 2010


the word lovely.. yeah come from me.. *cough cough*.. mood getting so much better.. mr fever n ms sorethroat left.. but mr cough still hugging me pretty tight.. he seems to love me so deep that he is still trying to pull my lung off from my frame,, thank you mr cough but u may now leave.. shoo shoo..

a lovely small gift from wenny.. thx thx thx

chatted with a fren yesterday.. yeah i was 'fakely away' in my msn.. sometimes ppl ask too many things at once makes me more headache.. why this post i named it lovely? erm.. an answer to my own question... i just feel so..

once again opened n read the 3 lovely cards which sent to me by post.. 1 is yearly card n another 2 is 3in1x2=6.. ignore my equations.. yeah cards with words.. ss with the green 'daniel' n red 'refugee' n folded the blue shorts 'rose-lookalike'.. all sounds like i'm very free.. yeah i'm still in my honeymoon mood which i should not feel so..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~thank you~

a picture to represents my mood now..

coughing like an old woman.. to the extend my lefty starts to feel the pain.. thank you very much mr cough n miss sorethroat to paint my day in such interesting manner.. things will always be said and done.. but what if it is said and left undone.. thank you so much for saying so much but no thanks for not doing everything you have once said.. i came across a fren's blog which she said something very brave and yes i salute to u pp.. its on ur latest post..

something to look forward would be 3rd day of cny.. as for the 4th day.. i'm still very unsure if i could or should i go for it.. and yes.. really misses home right now.. the awful feeling of not having love wen i'm now a sick cat.. roaarrr..

Friday, January 15, 2010

~my first trip for 2010~

went for a short trip early january.. it was a short getaway before my new semester starts and a small gift from me to myself.. spent approx 300 for the whole trip which i think worth it despite i puked all those food on the 1st day.. the rocky road n hectic journey and yeah very very hot weather.. i had a bad start for the trip too as i faced error 99 which keeps ask me to off and on my camera.. not much pics were taken.. back to hotel.. i realised that only happen if i use kitlens.. erm.. whole trip photos were all by mr portrait lens and w705.. some photographs from my trip

some ss pictures..
et was kind of forced to snap this with my camua.. she was afraid of my camua..
haha.. told her no worries as this photo was meant to undergo photoshop.. :P

this is et in case some of you don't know her.. downloaded some *et-feel-ed* fonts just for her.. wahaha

kinda like this picture.. haha.. those dots n dashes are morse code.. if u know morse code, u will have no problem understanding my descriptions

captured this at Songkhla.. very colorful indeed.. n yeah songkhla.. the word was just enough to bring me back to 2002..

2002-2003 played really big role in my life.. the ups n downs, the sweet and bitter, the sour and salty.. i've tasted all in jus a year.. besides apd and young enterprise, camp was my main goal back then.. winning a trophy or i should say trophies was what i ever wanted.. but now.. trophies are in my room n cupboard just to collect dust.. what left was memories.. not being emotional but just a matter of facts..

**up next, more pictures for january
**still in dilemma for elective thou
**i hate FYP.. but i have to do it
Opppsss... just before i end this post...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SIS!! phewwwittt...
17338_228531397757_704927757_3184406_277986_n copy copy
picture snapped by bro in law but edited by me :P
happy happy birthday la pregnant mum.. haha..

yeah thats my sis.. haha.. i know we dun really look alike :P but we are biological sister sharing same genes from our parents

**end of today post, continue baking

Thursday, January 14, 2010


lightings play big part in my life.. from playing lights to setting up light for studio shooting.. then to freelancing for studio set up n ermm be reflector girl =.=".. anyway i really loves snapping lights.. no matter i have a tripod with me or not..

laser me pls.. i din even touch that web cos old $$$ not paid.. i oso lazy do dee.. haha.. not motivated.. T__T.. been lazying n do nothing.. zzz photoshop lotsa pics for fb cos i was so smart n snap everything in raw file.. but this post.. haha... non photoshop.. crop oso lazy...

pics taken at northam beach..

wave wave wave.. teehehehe

mengwey said this look like space.. make sense too.. hehe

personally i like this most.. hehe.. its like fire..

**goal for 2010.. after this blogpost.. all post shall b in proper english.. haha*if only i could*
**lotsa pics to load.. my trip n bday.. weee~~
**read a blog which i feel.. haha.. everything bout every1 is bad except herself.. its funny in a way..
**comin back pj on sat morning bus..
**tomoro bake many stuff for frens, colleagues n koko.. haha *3types*
**happy birthday jie jie..*1hour 30minutes in advance*

Saturday, January 9, 2010

~an escapada~

will b a real short post.. not doin project 365 but just blogging for fun.. going off for a short n relax trip with my fren in bout 15minutes.. bye penang..

at end of the world... *some pics were loaded but lazy to post, click on flickr to c it if u wan*

WOOHOO... to 20, kel, munster n elmojee GOOD LUCK n all the best for later.. the day is all urs.. hope to get real good news from 4 of u tomoro.. thats all for now.. bye

**off to somewhere with domo n camua babea

Friday, January 8, 2010


the promising 1 day of anger to meself.. pretty much effective with an extra bonus.. a short trip to the beach.. beach always play an important role in my life.. used to take bus 202 to tanjung bungah.. once upon a time, the breeze n some dogs in the beach brought me calmness.. until now.. beach already become my place of calm.. yesterday dipped legs into the sand n washed away all the emo-ness with icy cold sea-salt-water.. no feel like trying kelantan beach soon.. wahaha..

horse riding along the beach*p/s: not cheap.. rm30 for bout 5-10minutes*

thou post during bday was emo.. now mood very good back.. less than 24hours to my small trip.. anyway yesterday night reach home.. receive a 3in1 card x2=6in1.. haha.. very environmental friendly of this 2 ^o^.. thx very much for the cards.. i love it much much cos its filled with words.. its funny too *i love words n handwriting*.. hehe.. an extra *hugs* to boss for making me a domo.. hehe.. me loves handmade.. weee~~~ thx for adding some spices to my bday.. really hearts n appreciate it much much..

**hereby i wish WOOHOO to b crown as winner tomoro ^o^
**i will not get angry anytime now..
**i'm not born to please every1.. so pls dun put hopes on me
**go to post office collect something 1st ^^

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


hello all.. its my bday today.. wish me if u havent do so.. lol.. abit of nostalgic n emo.. i know i'm not suppose to feel so.. but i just could not control it.. right now.. abit of emo..n happy too as i c many still remembers me.. touched with et's homebaked cake thou she was really busy working.. but once again.. i feel as thou i'm fooled again for certain stuff.. bday eve too was not a so great one as i had some argument with mom, thou dad supported me but i just dun like the stone cold feelings.. ok.. mom n i ok back after a while..

fears are circulating my thoughts.. not fear of getting old.. but fear of being redundant.. fear of loneliness too.. its been a while since i talk bout wat i feel in my blog.. i meant my emo-ness.. but i really do.. i want to write watever i like.. watever i feel to.. the feeling of being a kite.. being pull and release.. this is 2nd time where i feel this way..

*a gift from some of them*

think back.. one of my happiest bday was back in 2003.. full of clueless suprises.. mayb i was just too naive.. perhaps my yr started way too perfect.. soon i joined YE which day by day, all i hv to do was to fight for our rights.. fight with ms chee.. almost gotten 24demerits.. who really understand me.. no one else cos u r not standing on my shoe.. end of the yr.. good n bad things happened too.. from winning ye 1st runner up.. to losing in apd.. from 1st class to 2nd class.. from best ps to losing glory in a very unacceptable excuse by those asshole.. being a ps was hard to bare with.. problems seems to stick to me as if v were opposite pole.. so magnetive... abit thxful to have some1 back then to back me up.. if u happen to read tis.. thx for being there for me at any hour of the day or night thou v ended up in a quite ugly situation..

if anyone could send me "fool again" by westlife.. cos right now.. i feel so much like that song... believing something which seems to be impossible.. its like i'm trying to reach a star when my feet are stepping on the ground called the EARTH.. thx but no thx for what u've tried to do..

i'm grateful to hv family to stand for me n celeb my bday, happy to get wishessss in fb which flooded my wall.. plurk too cannot be ignore.. sms n phone calls.. but somehow when there's a thorn lied beneath my skin.. its hard for me to act i'm so damn happy...

anyway.. this is just today.. tomoro i'll b back again.. happily walking around,, cos i made myself a promise.. not to b emo continuously more than 24hours.. haha.. mood gotten better after i blabbers out wat i feel..

**thx for all the wishes..
**thx sis for the oreo cheese cake n car for tomoro..
**i'm pampering meself with 2 big gifts for myself end of this month..
**counting down for my getaway.. woot*
**yeah happy back.. ahahaha