Thursday, September 30, 2010

~september fairytail~~

fairytail or fairytale? just 2 days ago when i brought my boy out and dry him up after his shower.. he ran away.. normally he will run back to me if i let him pee without chasing him.. but this time he changed his strategy.. unleashed himself and ran away from the condo area.. i chase until the road side and i lost him because i cant run as fast as he is.. heart jumped like as if it is coming out.. asked around whether guards or some econsave stranger, no trace of my boy.. ran back to my place n ask the guard again.. no trace.. then saw a black piece of thing on the ground... i thought it was my boy n start to tear.. luckily it was not.. back to my condo again.. heard my boy's barking.. it was at econsave.. like all fairytale.. my fairytail ended with a happy ending.. he ran back to me just like every drama's most touching scene.. back home.. he looks normal.. but night.. fell sick and fever.. my boy T__T..

went to vet the next morning.. dr said mayb he was shocked and too tired.. baby lost 200g.. left 4.6kg..

my baby boy is sick T__T sick until ears cannot stand and no appetite.. sobs

sick until lunch and dinner also did not eat.. T__T no barking too..

my lucky with his soothing hanky..

thank god.. my baby is now very healthy, can bark, can run, play tennis ball and can eat properly.. hehehe... i am happy back.. weee~~ sometimes me and sis feel boy ran away because he was jealous of my nephew.. dear lucky boy please do not feel abandon.. we love u super lots lots.. ^^

punishment for lucky boy running away n made me cry and so worry on the road.. u r officially 1 month GROUNDED!!! :P sis scolded me for snapping our boy's sick face.. hehehe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


life lately pretty much can be compare to cinderella except that i will not have a fairy godmother *bidibi badibi boo*, no pumpkin, no ugly step sisters, no stepmother, no ugly fat lucifer.. but i cook, and take care of the baby with mom.. perhaps a modern cinderella.. comparing myself to cinderella because of my drink at Vintage Bulgaria, a German fine dining restaurant.. well not so fine after all..

me and my drink, Cinderella..
some typical fruit punch with very soury taste, one sip guarantee you will be awaken! anyway the my portrait snapped by peipei.. ^^ and yea, cinderella new time is no longer before 0000 but 0300.. hahaha

and this is the baby nephew i am facing everyday.. as cute as he may look but when he roars, even my dad will also runaway because he can be real scary :P

he wanted to get my dslr but i lent him my bandanna and lil toy camera. his cute puppy eyes..

ended up, he put my lil camera into his little mouth >.<"
and this is my life now, still wandering around and not finding jobs.. i changed... don't you agree? can't wait to review 60D.. but because of canon page very miscommunicating, i don't even know if i am eligible for 1week trial + 50% discount.. canon marketing malaysia should take note to this matter. failing to create a reliable POP would cause alot of trouble to the consumers.. zzz

Saturday, September 11, 2010

~the season~

hi blog, sorry for neglecting you and the header "under construction" have not done as well. my bad, my bad..

and i was wondering... even this picture i need to load three times in flickr, but still fail with broken link.. is it really so difficult? so difficult even to load a single tiny resized picture

the fifth time.. what is love?

dear God, please end the season.. and to my friends who had struggled and still struggling, good luck and be positive..