Thursday, February 25, 2010


line is now so UNSTABLE... how many times should i load my email, facebook and also flickr? how many times must i reconnect my MSN!!! wth...

continue what my title meant.. sis n hubby gave me present during cny.. not just the extra loaded angpow.. but a coin bag n a handphone ornament.. like it much.. til the ornament meaning was explained.. lol.. b4 i show the picture of my ornament.. i show facebook quiz that i took just now.. funny

Picture 5
am i gonna get married in 2yrs? zzz siao

the pouch and hp ornament ^^

whats the relation of the ornament with the facebook quiz.. lol..
if u understand chinese.. u'll understand the meaning,,

now is still not a suitable time to hang that ornament.. haha.. i'll wait for member to come back from uk so that we can fish go out together.. cant wait for our road trips too.. our missions..

oh yeah today's line is EXCEPTIONALLY "GOOD"... let the picture below do the talkings
Picture 7
This is the service for what we have paid!!... continuously disconnection.. malaysia's services always like this.. same goes to that DAMN FITNESS FIRST.. that story i'll post it next month once i settle them off this coming sunday.. fyp is enough to kill but sentralfon and MONEY FIRST fitness first gives me extra headache for their extremely inefficient working ethical..

**overall today very happy.. after talk to kahwei, laysim..
**chatted with my ahyit n ahleng ^^ *miss ib misses both of u oso ler*
**sleep 1st.. later cont fyp.. zzz
**bye everyone

Sunday, February 21, 2010


ROM means registration of marriage.. yesh in about 10hours, my piggy sis will officially becomes mrs barney mrs teoh.. congrats to both of them.. though i know u both might not read this blog.. STILL ib hereby wishes u both happily ever after..

a teaser pic from AS paddy field..*still searching for better fonts to make an album*
choreographed, snapped and edited by Miss IB
light reflected by bro, modelled by nicholas and qiqi

i am now actually typing words in dark.. n of cos my laptop keypads are led lighted.. sleep 1st.. tomorrow gonna be long journey to drive and be photographer too.. byez

**more than 200pics to touch up T__T
**fyp soon T___T

Sunday, February 14, 2010

~Roarrr Rawrrr Woww~

Rawrrr.. today officially marks the year of tiger.. as a tigress i am very proud to ROARrrrr... nothing much done although i'm back home for almost 3days.. i did not really clean my room.. did not make new header which should be up now.. oh yeah today is also my blogspot 1st anniversary.. wish me pls wish me.. went shopping with parents for 2 days.. dad got more clothes from his son and daughter.. ermm.. where is/are my sponsor(s)??

just now as usual chinese new year eve.. i bathed lucky.. but after the shower.. as usual as well took him for a walk in the park.. but something more is.. i took my camera with me too.. ^o^..

here are my lucky's portraits
lucky hereby wish all of u... happy chinese new year ^o^ will re-edit this pic to create cooler feel

lucky boy with his hat.. the weather too hot, needs to protect his tiny head.. hehe

lucky's passport picka.. very symmetrical.. haha

waiting for snacks again..

happy chinese new year.. *p/s: i will not wish anybody happy valentine.. yet*

**1st pic undergo photoshop.. lots lots of work on it..
**2nd pic.. change color temperature
**3rd and 4th pic.. non-photoshop.. power of my 2.8... wahahaha
**hope to work on my header later la.. hahaha..

Friday, February 12, 2010


back to penang yesterday morning.. was a pretty long journey as 2 wrong turns before sg buloh tol.. haha... as usual i dooze off whenever i am having long journey or even when i stuck in the jam *this happens only if i am the passenger* reach penang went to office.. thx dawn for the domo.. then reach home.. and yes!! my lucky boy misses me alot lot lotsss.. then prepare for the reunion dinner.. 3days in advance.. haha.. took a family portrait with tripod..

my lucky boy and i.. *told ya he misses me alot*

family portrait 2010.. *i really know how to write chinese*

**out to send gifts to parents friends' and relatives @__@
**pay student bill
**buy ribbon

Sunday, February 7, 2010

~i am chinese literate~

literally i speak chinese.. whether cantonese, hokkien or mandarin.. pretty well-spoken in all i shud say.. writing was not so great but i still write some simple words.. oh yeah.. i know how to write chinese.. haha.. so in mood to go home already.. i cant wait to groom baby boy.. give parents the small gift.. snap sisters pictures.. so much to do.. and of cause my deary girls' night out and exco outing.. wahaha

snapped and photoshopped a photograph while waiting member walk back from library to her place*note that she is uk time* then dedicated the picture to genie who sounded very emo in facebook.. glad that both of them like it..

IMG_0706 copy
this it is..30 minutes while wait member.. i work on this :D *this proves i know how to 'write' chinese*

in good mood now.. to be precise very very good mood.. haha.. reflective essay DONE still need to show wincen :P

**gtg chatting with 2 girls... wahaha..
**tuesday faster come please ^o^

Friday, February 5, 2010

~mere puff~

very theorical word from my title.. its nothing to do with curry puff nor it can be eaten.. when tutor explained this word.. it pokes me and of cause, led me to think which she realized and asked me to stop day dreaming.. oh smart and cunning tutor.. which i have to pay 100% in class.. her class was a bit upbeating with lots lots of question point to us..

back to my title.. i'll make a bit of explanation to clear some of your question marks in your heads.. mere puff is something said or done just to grab your attention which for my own understanding is promise made for the sake of saying for that moment and then can be completely ignore or just totally forget about it.. good one..

it has been a long time since i walk alone in the rain.. which that moment i feel so happy and wished to walk without my reddy umbrella but i cant.. all thanks to my 2 beautiful law books which cost me almost 30bucks..

the books and file that i hugged so tight during the walk ^o^

the red umbrella that sheltered me from the rain..

many transitions will happen in this year.. part of it, i'm graduating soon.. another part of it i'm still in dilemma of when to work and where.. all in my mind now was to go travel with my camera and maybe my leopea too.. if member bar get a place.. i'll book a ticket.. if my application successful.. i'll leave the ticket but book another 1.. there are so many if(s) recently.. some asked me will i feel awkward.. i guess i would not.. told 2 friends of mine that my instinct told me i was blocked.. if its true.. i'll be very grateful.. thank you very much.. haha.. things happened with tons of reasons.. maybe recently i started to feel and aware that the range is extended.. phewww..

talked to a friend just now, i just said what i feel because i treat you as a friend.. i do not wish every outing with u guys lead to an argument.. i just want a nice decent dinner with my friends.. no vulgar please.. i feel very disturbed when i hear vulgar or in a scene where a big fuss is made over some small problem.. i just want to eat my dinner peacefully.. i know i do say or typed "cilaka" pretty frequent lately.. but its just a rude word to express my anger and its not vulgaric.. i know i cant change my friend but at least please try not to repeat so much of vulgaric words or dialects.. it is very very disturbing =.="

i'm not emo right now.. in fact too tired to emo.. tired of pulling votes but i cant stop.. 34stars away from 1st place which means i need at least 25more voters who will click only on 5 stars to make me a champion.. if anyone can help me i'll be much grateful and appreciates.. where to find the 25 kind-hearted intelligence human to click for me?

Monday, February 1, 2010

~a gift~

hello to february 2010.. chinese new year is around the corner.. everywhere we step in we'll hear chinese song.. many claims to like chinese new year but hated the chinese new year songs.. i don't really hate, i just hope its not those wrong melody song.. thats all.. how i hope tomoro is 15th february cos i feel real tired of votes pulling.. call me "hangat-hangat tahi ayam" but i am indeed.. canon had done with their "cleanup" but not very clean yet :D.. why i say so.. i have my own reason..

bought battery grip which entitled me a lucky dip in berjaya time square last week.. i thought the gift would be some cheapskate stuff but it came out.. a RM48 paper cutting framed with calligraphy blessing.. poE got herself a jade chopworth rm35 with her name carved on it *additional 10bucks for the carving*.. then v get another lucky dip.. mine was the colorful bird in previous post.. hers was a bag of tea.. n yesh!!! we are so happy n excited with our gift.. small little gifts enlighten our day..

the lucky dip and my lucky boy
a gift for parents.. ^o^ *my cute baby as background*

choosing the calligraphy was a pain to me as i don't know how to read chinese.. asked sweecheng then asked the shop assistance.. finally chose this which the wish was for a healthy life.. just want my family to be healthy and long life rather than asking for prosperity and wealth.. although now i'm very poor dry with my pocket empty.. but i feel rich because i feel loved..

fyp ideas n storyboard is killing me.. kill kill kill!!! huu haa huu haa!!!

**another 2 days to rest from vote pulling
**waiting to go home n bake cookies..