Thursday, August 12, 2010

~da next chapter~

so much of unpublished blogs.. but today i am not into posting those old bloody stories and untouched pictures,, lol.. *ahemmm* what about next chapter? actually i am not so sure of how my career going to be.. whatever it is,, many things happened this few months time.. finished my degree and waiting for upcoming convocation.. because of drainage.. erm what i meant was, i am BROKE! n salary yet to receive.. disappointment.. sigh..

not all that bad.. at least i had a blast at cameron with ss company, bkt tinggi and redang with cls friends.. feelings of happy and unhappy, but my laziness.. stopped me from filtering my pictures.. but its good that some of our bond r closer.. made a frame for my pictures.. and yes, my red slippers went to redang!

one of our sunset shot *snapped by melanie*

jumping shot
our nice jump shot! *snapped by angelene*

my lovely slippers and the chair... *emo-ing at more -more tea inn*

i was snorkeling and domo was diving ^__^

kc bday
our gathering.. and kayc bday.. her lovely bday card.. ^__^

at pei's USM convocation..

my recent life.. with the babies.. my turn waiting for convocation, which i really not looking forward.. maybe i can feel the tiredness already.. but maybe peipei is right, on that day i will feel happier.. a good thing is that.. my family going with me.. but lucky hv to go lodging.. sobs.. T__T

my next chapter, will be.. whether i update my resume and try my luck on that branding company or continue my dream :(