Wednesday, April 29, 2009


the title was named.. randoms.. not random.. cos lately my life is so so random.. i can b real happy go lucky in another second.. i turn emo.. yesterday was a blast or more to worst night ever.. the dreams was so real..
1st dream.. not a dream actually... its the usual thing.. i feel i'm falling from a high place.. terjaga terus...
2nd dream i cant recall but not a fond 1...
3rd dream was the worst nightmare ever...

this is how my 3rd dream goes.. 1st me n jane was talking in my room.. love lane room to b precise.. as usual v talk alot.. suddenly v smell smoke n feel suffocated.. then open the door.. next door which dun look like love lane hse anymore.. on fire.. when v hurry n run out from there.. i saw my aunt.. using a padlock wif a huge steel chain.. locking the gate.. v beg but she showed us her evil smirk.. it was so scary... then we run to another exit.. a fren of ours.. wif her small eyes holding a key.. the padlock key.. again v ask her to open but she said.. some1 pay her to lock us here.. v said we'll pay double.. but it was too late.. jane n i.. run everywhere.. back to my room.. but window.. dun look like love lane's.. i pull n pull the window grill.. it was then opened.. i asked jane to climb down 1st.. cos i say.. still got time to save leopea n camua babea.. *the dream was so real until my laptop n camera appears* n oso pack my purple white checker.. as if it was reality.. i climb down wif leg shakin n trembling cos i'm afraid of height.. at the end of my dream.. i say thank you to mimi... cos to me it was her that saved both of us.. the dream then become so confusing wif lotsa ppl.. some1 pat my head.. gave me a cozy and warm hug but b4 i can say a word.. he walked away leaving me alone in the dark wif lotsa surrounding voice.. i'm scared... dream turns more scary which i dun really remember... then i'm awake.. at 5sumting in the morning.. awake wif my face wet..

dream was so real.. b4 i sleep.. i was chatting wif jane on how doom i am this semester.. doin badly in animation, photography 3rd assignment made me a shit.. how bad i did my papers unprepared.. n how am i suppose to make a booklet that sony will take me in as interns.. for jane.. she told me bout her upcomin examination.. both of us were so emo...

at around 6sumting i continue my booklet.. i shud not call it a booklet cos they din ask me make a book.. plurk n RC at the same time.. then i finally got a frame for my work.. but it was 12noon.. i promised myself to send it b4 2pm.. but.. i sent it around 215pm.. feel abit loose after press "send"...

there's so many randomness in me.. n yes.. i did promise myself not to post any non-pictorial post in this blog.. miss ib now would like to post some random shots..
this pic edited alot.. cropped, desaturate it and add some clouds effect cos tangerine feel my pain this morning.. she too becomes emo..

later then miss ib too lazy to edit pics.. tangerine look happy in this pic.. afterall life wasn't so bad with miss ib as her "mom" since 2002..

tangerine enjoy the rain.. thou it was just awhile.. but better than nothing..

besides tangerine.. another random pic i will post is.. my story book.. this book is good.. with romance wif thrills.. at least its not just about feeling.. i've finish it.. anyway this book is not recommended for shallow minded ppl.. awww.. this book drives me crazy til i neglected my boring notes..

n yes.. borrowed from UTAR..

n my bookmark is my tiny lil "colorful notation" bookmark.. *assignment leftover*

another set of super old pics.. for my assignment.. one of the noisiest assignment ever.. err not that v fight.. its a norm.. it was fun to make the studio more lively.. n abit wet cos i cant control the water spill... v clean after snap... lalalala~~
clearly stated of who did wat.. this was for my assignment which at the end i got no time to do it.. but now i edit for fun..
the color is complimentary wif the ball in the wine glass.. personally i like the purple lighting wif yellow ball most.. but i like them all.. they r my pics... mine.. O.o yeah mine.. haha...

at the end of today.. i finally have my emoness level reduced by 50%... cos around 6pm.. i receive a call.. from sony... they r offering me to work as intern.. they like the work i did for them*the work remain in my leopea, will not post it here*... i'm so glad n extremely happy.. during the call.. i feel my heart beating at very fast pace.. cos the call was not in good reception..

my last random picture will b emo pic of mr lucky.. aka love of miss ib life.. i realize he neva appear here b4.. how can my boy neva get to appear in my blog.. as i'm gonna start workin real soon.. i wont get to go back hometown so often or long.. will miss every1 at home n same goes.. they will miss me too..

this is my boy.. emo-ing on my bed.. awww...

**tonight i hope there will be no nightmares..
**tomoro i hope for the best.. my offer letter n dealing wif utar too..
**will not study for pengajian malaysia.. better try read history
**i feel so random now.. still.. random...
**i got so much pics to post... but.. i post the randoms....
**kill my lazy worm n start study n post my blog wif pics...
**bye... yeah i know this is another long winded post of mine.. as usual...

Friday, April 24, 2009

~west lake.. da sunset~

sunset oh sunset... i always love sunset.. sunset plays with colours.. from complementary colors to split complementary then analogous.. i gotta say.. i'm not just lovin it but totally obsessed over sunset.. too many sunset moment i spent alone.. sitting alone under the coconut tree back in tanjung bungah or batu ferringhi.. this time i'm not alone..
gosh... the orange colored sky...

the color is so warm... the sun starts to wave bye bye to me...



birdies flying home..

the blue pinkish sky... how i wish to stay there..

even the lake have colors reflected.. nicely toned blue n orange on the surface.. awww... that pretty moment.. ^o^




my last picture inside west lake pathway... then was rushed to get out from there... sobs.... i dun feel like leaving thou....

after this... we went makan makan...

oppss... b4 i forget... faces of the day... ^o^...
when we 1st reach... i asked for all the ss pics.. cos pembuli using wide angle lens..
now i realized the benefit of wide angle.. for ss purpose..

i personally.. super like this pic.. nice background too.. cloudy n windy day ^o^... got 1 old pakpak standing behind as our background too.. ^o^

like the background color.. but not me... T__T hair start messy after those wind.. damp wind made me hair out of control... blablabla.. but i still like this pic.. wahahaha... forget to intro the ppl in pictures.. guy in blue is hwei han aka tourguide/didi, gal in black is me aka miss ib aka cmei, guy in green is kelvin 

bye all.. will leave this blog awhile til.. monday.. perhaps..

~west lake.. b4 sunset~

west lake.. took away my lil heart... the scenery was awesome.. it was still heaty that afternoon.. v went for photoshoot cos i keep bugging didi for sunset snapshot.. wahahaa.... he say hot.. but i wan2 go out.. rest too long.. i feel bored.. kesian him for being my tourguide.. lalala~

reach west lake.. i was like... "wow... i dun feel like goin back pj utar"... overwhelmed with excitement.. i kept snap snap.. its a nice evening with lotsa joggers, patrons and families for a walk.. a cozy feeling.. finally i'm off the city.. not to forget.. i totally ignore the fact that i hv dilemma on interns, exam n some other decision.. i felt peace n really relax.. for once in this april.. i feel light n easy..

dats didi in blue... n oh yeah.. my shadow too ^o^

hotty hot evening... but me lovin it ^o^

the route was long.. but nicey nice ^o^.. the lake was so in peace.. i love to c reflection ^o^

*rumpai air* my bro n cousin used to get this for their fishes in a clean drain.. those were the days.. i neva go get it b4 cos i dun rare fishes..


inside the garden.. there's bamboos.. i actually saw a big green panda camouflaged there.. but dare not post it here.. if not.. i might dicekik mati.. ^o^

gloomy picture.. somehow.. emoness arise when i 1st c this in my laptop.. seems lonely..

inside this human made lake, got koi n some "peacock yu"

colorful bunch of tiny winy flowers.. really tiny..

for some1 who owns an itchy hand, loves playing wif pokok semalu.. i spotted this tiny white ugly spider... snap it b4 it stings me.. ahahaha...

almost sunset looo....

**hopefully can post tomoro.. my sunset... me lovin it ^o^
**please kill my lazy worm n make me study...
**please clear my mind n let me study properly
**dun twist me...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~kampar da ulu-ulu~

no offense with my title above.. stress clouded me last few weeks due to those ass kicking assignment... yeah now i have rude words.. cos i really feel extremely pissed wif my own work.. watever it is.. its over.. to destress meself.. i hv to go to somewhere green.. lalalala... go to find my didi.. at kampar... ^o^...

been a year since i ride on konsortium.. luckily this trip no roaches nor mites in that bus.. n no smelly smelly breeze... got on bus on time.. read my book.. well 2 chapters only.. cos as usual.. i will fall asleep in bus *this happen since i'm a kid*... see the person next to me sleep.. i lagi tempted to sleep.. but this time i cant lower down my couch as i saw an old grandpapa sit behind me.. but still... i slept soundly til i reach ipoh toll..

i'm still in da bus ^o^..*u can see some reflection*

the bus that drove us there...

town old, shop houses oso old.. car oso old.. many old ppl there oso.. but the feeling was nice.. everything look so heritage.. at last i'm not in a city.. no assignment chasing me.. wahahaha...

it was indeed a really heaty day.. but i like the blue sky with white clouds... ^o^.. mood turns extremely nice nice... hehe.. still waiting for didi come fetch.. so let me jus stand in the middle of this car-less road to snap pic.. haha...

a temple in front of me.. on my right actually lotsa pigeons.. when i wan2 snap them... they camera shy n flew... cis.. but still there's a few pigeon in this pic (as kelefeh >.<)

after this pic was taken.. didi reach.. which means.. lunch reach too.. wahaha.. was hungry at that time.. lepas makan that sour mango lagi hungry.. wrong choice of fruit.. made my stomach uneasy for a moment.. zzz... we went for lunch somewhere around for beef noodles.. the soup was nice for me.. i did snap some pics of it but lazy wan2 post it here... so pls refer here for the food i makan.. personally i still dun like that laksa.. but the pork nice.. wahaha..

finish eating.. v head back to didi's hse.. seriously kampar hse was so nice n cozy... i met my hometown fren too...
apparently this fishy was bought in penang.. lol.. this fish neva feel shy^o^.. not a camera shy fishy but move here move there.. ish!!...

after resting.. v head to west lake... omg.. i super like that place... i'm not exaggerating.. the scenery was so nice.. a place with water and hills.. a teaser pic of west lake... cos now.. i wan2 cont my story book.. climax dee.. tomoro will b a busy day.. hopefully i got time to blog bout west lake...

west lake's teaser pic...

**lol.. supposingly i shud update my final post for hot air balloon.. but ext hdd not wif me..
**i suppose to study but i'm reading my story book..
**suppose to feel super happy.. but i'm not..
**internship.. u r killing ms ib T__T

Friday, April 10, 2009

~the untold~

in every person.. there's an untold story behind.. while waiting for my fren to fetch me out.. kinda emo now.. my DI yet to get them done.. my bloody cube.. sorry for the offensive words.. but i have no idea how to make a 3d cube which need to show so so much of me.. chatted wif a fren last night.. kinda triggered my feeling right now.. again.. some1 write something n put it in the bottle again... the passion fruit bottle which some1 tied a bow on the neck of the bottle..

being some1 who collect these bottles... particularly.. the passion fruit's was tied wif a bow, filled wif purple crystals and some rolled untold story.. it was a big leap for me to bring that bottle out of my mini room.. all the stories were written.. there's one.. with tears.. and some happy notes too.. regardlessly.. i opened up the bottle.. n took some pics out of it..

i can hear my own heart beat wen i snap those pics.. n yes.. my stomach's drums too.. cos i was so hungry at that time... now jus look at my lil bottle..

coldness in the studio,, vaporized my bottle... watever..



an upclose of my lil note tied wif purple string..

crystal surrounding my notes seems getting lesser day by day.. perhaps the notes are multiplying themselves in the bottle..

recently i've learned some lesson.. neva help ppl without thinking for urself.. thou i'm not the 1 whom get the rude yell but i feel extremely offended.. pretty piss wif some ppl's attitude.. wen u r needed.. polite asking will b how they speak.. else.. even if u neva ask for any favor.. ppl still treat u rudely.. yes i still feel offended.. arrghh.. i'm still waiting for my dinner... which will soon turn to supper.. i'm tired.. real tired.. my DI.. my TC.. watever... oh my... thinking bout video as now i'm chattin wif 20 i really feel abit more down.. as some others seems so interesting n ours.. macam tarak "feel"... i now can announce.. i feel hopeless.... T__T... but feeling hopeless will not add a note in my bottle... the bottle... is some other.... untold.. remain only somewhere~~~

**i cant help myself but to throw myself inside a dungeon full of emoness..
**no time to edit pic..
**wen will i post final post for hot air balloon??

Saturday, April 4, 2009

~a 50 50~

feeling splitted into half.. yeah half.. partially i'm happy but partially me not.. not..
*a pic from previous hike*

looking back at the above pic.. reminds me something.. friendship n oso something deep inside her.. 1st time in her life,, her frens saw her really not in her mood.. sometimes she jus flood to elsewhere..

days turned better since then...

too much of everything.. happiness n stress comin at the same time.. i guess i better stop thinking n get my hands off to choose pics for hot air balloon post.. adios