Sunday, March 29, 2009

~my pricey earth hour~

question 1: what to do during earth hour?
question 2: will u really off lights n fan?
question 3: can u stand 1 hour without using electricity?

b4 earth hour i chang toi kiok wif my sister aka david.. makan white porridge.. yeah right.. haha.. wif plenty of side dishes..
our dinner ^o^
dishes consist of: salted fish, salted egg, century egg, pickled vege, super spicy cili padi long bean wif anchovies n markerel wif black beans

finish wif dinner, dav wash dishes i clean stove.. n yeah get my gear up n ready to face 1 hour without electricity..

now i will answer my own questions..
answer no.1: get ready my candles n oso lighter, off fan off lights.. oh ya.. i off msn n plurk too.. haha.. laptop was on but run on batt ^o^ so wat did i do to fill my precious lil 60minutes?? 1st get ready my gadget.. camua n hp.. called mom n talk.. after our chat.. i proceed to my lil project..

let me introduce u some1.. some1 new to my family..
lets welcome him with big mouth open.. a big grin
his name is domokun.. behaviour is nasty n cheeky too

Picture 3
hak sei him.. suddenly firework popped out
he shouted *aaaa... siao*

Picture 4
domokun found a rose.. a dried 1..

as cheeky as he is.. he planned to steal the rose

he successfully got the rose.. *fireworks as celebration*

domokun says hi to fung chan

the cheeky ones will neva stop at a pitt.. he went further n met my dear leopea

a romantic scene at my work space...
*david said this pic looks as if i'm praying T___T*

suddenly got sparks... weee~~

i kinda like this lighting..
bare in mind.. its already past 930 only i on9 my plurk n msn ^o^..
dun wan2 on light cos i havent snap finish..

suddenly feel abit sappy wif this lonely rose..
*another light source from kitchen.. cos ade almost 10, they on lights dee*

domokun found more roses.. he step step them.. wahahaha.. *told u he's nasty*

light on.. 1015pm++
becos of his nastiness n cheekiness he got himself on fire which after i on light only i realize..
poor him.. but this is a good remark.. my domokun got white dot on his lefty

anwer no.2: of cos i off my lights n fans.. pictures are my evidence n alibi.. if not how to maintain my candle light.. took only candle lighted pics.. 1st tot wan2 play light sculpture but found out i have no small torch light n k700i dead til cannot revoke.. so i jus play other stuff.. n who will say life is boring.. haha..

answer no.3: yeah i can survive a while.. dun too long please..

** tell me.. wat have u done during the 60minutes of darkness
**april only can upload pic to flickr.. cos fullhse..
**really dun like to upload pic thru blogger cos quality change more.. zzz last 2 pics and firework at my work space upload thru blogger.. quality degraded.. T__T
** do assignment... bye
**hot air balloon final post.. when??

Saturday, March 28, 2009

~mei has mii~

i guess many wont know wats mii stands for.. unlike the term IB.. i will tell wats mii is.. mii is a game from wii.. err i know i dun hv wii.. but i have friends who played wii... n so they create mii for mei.. yesh yesh very kam tung.. u gals really pampered me.. buhuhuhu.. let me intro u gals sikit... the two lovely ladies were my ex colleagues from exabytes.. life being the youngest there at that moment do make me feel real pampered.. sometimes i run fire.. sometimes i dun.. i remember the most most kam thung time was the msn chatroom b4 i even enter uni*2 yrs back.. ya i know its grandma story* if sy u dun remember let me enlighten u wen was it.. i remembered clearly.. 29 june 2007.. i will neva forget the encouraging words given by the "blue room" n oso annie from "orange room".. it makes 5 of us in the chatroom.. that was wen i knew i fail to get in local uni.. haha.. those were the days.. where v gossip, badminton on monday.. oh ya.. becos of u all.. i play badminton too.. my 1st last day of work.. u ppl really make me wan2 cry.. zzz.. yeah a nice farewell for miss run fire.. hehe.. thou i know ivy the 2nd time i went back work in office.. i think during my 3months sem break.. thou its really a short time.. but i do cherish the moment v spent.. n now v r so active in our blogs.. comments n yeah.. lets go shooting wen i'm back from my hectic life in pj.. ^o^

let me show off my face in "mii" version.. keke..
according to ivy,, sy says this look like me.. ^o^
**cos of the eyes??** i not sure.. haha.. cute kan.. wif a bit of pimples.. jus like me.. lol..

lol.. i neva wore skirt in front of u gals ler..
so u shud change my outfit n oso make me more chubby..
most of the time u would c me wearing polo t during office hour.. n long jeans oso..

thx for the mii.. hehe..
**do u know,, u jus made me back to my nice mood.. jus now was pretty angry n pissed wif certain ppl.. yeah i know lately i feel pissed alot.. really...
**mii for mei had enlighten her day n oso push her into mood to cook a nice healthy dinner for tonight..
**mii for mei had gave me an idea wat to do during the 60minutes of earth hour... will blog it out soon if i success in my playing.. lol..

Picture 3
u made me gam thung.. so i made this out...
ending wif my caption to say.. "I LOVE U"..
bare wif my ugly design.. lol.. i jus wan2 shout out loud..

**rush to cook dinner**
**happy earth day**

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~i'm jus a kid~

last few days.. shud i jus say last sat my slipper.. the right side suddenly ripped off.. wth.. so i was stuck in old-town.. cant go to lecture.. at last david brought me extra slippers.. i threw the old ip zone slippers.. bye bye.. then sat night after hot air balloon fiesta i go hunt for a new pair of slippers.. err.. went to crocs.. think again.. then c tropicanna life got sales went for a peep.. but.. not my style.. n kinda pricey too..ok..

next day.. as v know crocs got sales.. v took this opportunity to get ourselves new pairs of slippers or sandals.. or watever.. ok.. midvalley.. most designs left size 4 or 8 or 9.. either too small or too big.. went to ikano.. still dun hv my size for that design.. i chose others then.. i choose the most basic.. well ok.. well.. babiness.. dun hv my size either.. all size 7-9..*fainted*

at last i went to a section which not my category.. kids department.. lol.. i found meself 2 pairs of sandals.. show off sikit my colors.. i know.. they r striking.. watever.. i like can dee..

i'm jus a kid.. yeah... *made in china* haha..

*her name is IB*

i wonder wat happen if i wear out this way *teeheehee*

**overall advantage of getting kid's type.. cheaper by rm20.. haha..
**i buy 2 pairs cos 2nd pair got 30% discount
**official announcement>> I'M BROKE!!!
** oh ya.. i still wan2 share some hot air balloon pics b4 the final post bout it..

fung che wif sun rays..
*i know i ss alot wif it.. but i'm the only 1 own this in that fiesta.. hahaha.. more pics of fung che.. next post*

the balloon from previous post.. finally off the ground ^o^
i loves the clouds.. do u??

i super like this colorful balloon ^o^

sunset soon....

**to be continue.. more to come..
**upcoming next.. terserempak poe n sweecheng.. some ss pics ^o^

**oh ya i wan2 show ppl my work space.. thou small but really cozy...
**new decorative items.. pictures n my vodkas...

haha.. nice ma?? i like my workspace.. haha.. my fung chan n fung che accompany me ^o^

**i was plurking then suddenly snap pics.. hehe..
**this post was supposed to b up yesterday.. but super manchang wif my leg.. pain-ness.. sobs.. even the salad oso din make.. til jus now 1030pm.. n that will b the saltiest salad i ever made.. T__T any1 can makan some ma?? haha..gonna sleep soon.. 2am soon.. adios..

Monday, March 23, 2009

~Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 09-the beginning~

yesterday was a fun day.. yes fun.. morning had a super unsatisfied chic chop rice set in old-town but talk til very fun la.. immitating "baja hitam".. haha.. watever.. ok.. walk to newplus after makan to burn the spare time.. then old-town again cos lo yan ka wan2 makan in old-town.. half way.. i realised my slipper rosak... cannot walk to lecture.. called david bring me extra slipper.. such an embarassing day.. went in june class while listen to her super fake accent lecture.. i fell asleep.. thou she asked me to wash my face.. but as usual.. like i give a damn on her.. i jus sit there.. haha.. after class go home charge batt n ready for the hot air balloon.. wait for mom,,

once reach there.. start to snap pics.. but most oso not nice.. all human heads.. yucks.. feel like chopping off their heads.. then walk to the bazaar makan.. cos the "unsatisfied" chic rice set so not filling.. lets walk..

was a really hot day.. jus look at the umbrellas n the guy on left.. so vain..
not so bad after all.. still got wind.. *look at the green fish*
got 1 dark cloud.. luckily no rain.. ^o^

then i saw this.. fung chan.. or known as fung che.. so tempted to get it.. i asked for it.. that uncle say not selling.. *sadness*

then cont to hunt for some delicacies.. i saw roti john.. that stall looked neat n clean.. i jus go order 1..
he smile wen he know i snap.. a nice uncle..

after i snap.. the uncle ask me transfer pics to his laptop =.="

i wanted to buy the snoopy wif parachute.. but that man said "adik ini snoopy malaysia ada satu saje".. ish.. then put so far n high.. i din get to snap T__T so ended up i snapped this bear from other stall..

after that.. feel really thirsty n hotty.. while kg aka mom queue for our drinks.. i walk around n snap around.. went back to the windmill place.. that uncle still say for display.. then i said "ngo hou chong yi ler" he said 10bucks.. i reconsider.. walk back to my drinks..
nice nice iceblended, mom drink cocoa.. me drink cappucino.. *cheers*,,,

guess wat... i walk back to the stall again.. n wan2 buy that windmill.. haha..
proudly it turns.. so windy n so nice *mom nego price for me.. final price 8bucks*
super proud wif it cos whole putrajaya i'm the only person own this.. others either those balloons or kites.. hahaha...yes yes yes..

sky wif kites... if u click the pic bigger.. there's a yellow kite wif smiley face ^o^

awww so loving.. *miss my parents T__T* very sure my papa know how to play..
cos my dad very geng n cheeky *proud*.. hehe

kids playing kites reminds me of "kite runner" a must watch film ^o^

this kid reminds me of Hassan from kite runner.. the guy behind.. look so lala.. n irritating too.. hotty hot day.. haha..

fung che help me block the heaty sun,,, ^o^

lets get ourselves nearer to the hot air balloon place... lets walk.. i walk proudly wif my fung che.. huge fung che.. ^o^

found a place.. fung che staring at the field n waited anxiously..
*stare at one of putrajaya bridge*

teddy oso wan2 ss abit.. ^o^..

together v wait for the balloons to fly.. 1st say 6.. then say 615.. then drag til 630 n then those kites players r really ignorance.. announce so many times oso dun wan2 stop playing.. at last some kites were cut.. serve them right!! shud cut their hair too.. oh.. i talk so much.. i neva show any balloon pics.. lets go for some teaser balloons..

when gozu finds dragon balls.. i found....
fire ball... O.O

then another shot of fire by no.3 ^o^

finally a pic of hot air balloon...

**to be continue wif more pics..
**a slight prob wif angling cos stand beside a nikon d80 holder.. so irritating.. always block my pics.. keep ask him excuse me.. then after he take his flashgun out.. i can only snap pics on the right angle.. no lefty.. babi!!!
**stupid malay gal get some lesson from me.. for keep kicking me.. dirty my pants n disturb my shooting,,
**became refugee
**lost contact wif mom but saw sweecheng then met poE.. ss a few shots..
**cont snap pics...
**reach home.. fung chan2 name become fung che.. nickname is "L", fung chan is "M".. when will i get another 1??

**stay tune for more upcoming pics from me**

Friday, March 20, 2009

~a short series~

jus handed digital imaging pictures and this short story is my product shoot.. potraits of jun,, my daughter... her previous story.. this time i create a slightly different story to make a series of product shooting to promote the flexibility of revoltech.. my target audiences are basically young adults.. *cut the crap..zzz*

showed lee su lotsa proposals.. some i din do cos no time to make the props.. some too time consuming which lee su say i'm trying to kill myself.. well i showed her some pics n she was fond with this but i did not print it
lil jun trying to get her face that was stuck wif candies..
i like the lighting of this pics and also the colors.. thats y i share it here ^o^.. *candies belongs to JayJay*

lets move on to my series of pics....
in front of the mirror to prepare for her day *assignment pic*

there.. done wif her pretty make up.. ^^

as jun leads a healthy lifestyle.. every morning she jog to the top of the hill for some fresh air

holding her love letter under a light shine of rainbow...

jun found some mandarin and welcome them with a big wide smile

lying on her favorite with her lil love letter during sunset ^o^*assignment pic*

jun do show dramatic face... at times she's an attention seeker.. =.= *assignment pic*
oh ya.. oso thx to some1 who come into studio help me to modify the lighting n hold the masking when i shoot.. teeheehee ^o^ss sendiri.. happy cos i like this pic.. dramatic emo lil jun jun...

**sadness occured wen i look back at some of these pics.. cos purposely go back hometown.. rain everyday,, i cant go to snap a nice pic of "penang cherry blossom"

this pic was taken somewhere farlim.. 1st time go to that place..
the ground have lotsa pieces of glass.. pic was taken in a hurry.. as that place not so safe.. got banyak pekerja asing.. n i have limited space to stand.. any wrong step take.. i'll b in the sungai thean teik.. zzz.. i wish to go pisa there snap cos there nicer.. but rain whole sunday morning(after 10am) til evening.. wth...
**study week pls still have this cherry blossom for me to snap.. ^o^ *applying law of attraction**
**snapping jun.. on the ground i got my skin allergy.. bitten by dunno wat mites.. zzz...
**my leg still itch.. til now.. no joke.. dats y everday wear long pants T__T
**wish i have more time to post bout model pic>make-up, glamour and food.
**wish to post bout dogs too.. my lil precious n 2 other furballs namely charles and yahyah.. oh ya charles is back.. lost for more than a month.. now lil furball is back n soundly back home ^o^

^^as for now.. time to sleep.. i dun wan2 study for animation mid term... zzzz..