Sunday, May 31, 2009

~malacca trip 1~

title was named malacca trip one.. cos i went there twice this month.. yeah twice.. twice oso filled wif laughters.. laugh til my stomach pain T__T.. domo-mei or sometimes being called nasty-kun by me wans to follow..a nice companion to me.. thou in the morning trip.. i slept in the car cos the night b4 yum cha wif some noobs.. that was a real zombie day for 4 of us.. cos another 3 gals.. went cc to play games til 3sumting.. haha.. v deserve to b zombie on that day.. but it was then a zombie laughing giler day.. haha..

there u go.. all the ss pics of my lil domo dear...
domo story
in the car.. dreamy dreamy feel cos i fell asleep.. domo pinched kcq face.. wahaha..
domo story
place were extremely hard to get..
sit on some utar ppl place.. kayc's fren.. lucky betul.. knowing some of them from utar which v went to same lectures b4.. but neither i recognize them nor they recognize me.. haha..

domo story
the pineapple tart background lady.. really looks like pei pei to me.. haha.. n the guy selling those cucuk cucuk fruits. i dunno y kcq tag him as blian.. so.. watever.. he is blian then.. hahaha...

domo story
1st time went into this very famous satay celup..
n serve them right.. cos the taste better than ong kim wee's satay celup.. the food too better in price.. u c that big prawn?? only 70sen.. omg.... prawns.. v love prawns.. sedap giler.. ^o^

domo story
the gals of the trip..
oh ya kena complain cos domo get more pics then them.. n jus look at that evil kcq... haha.. but i know.. they love my domo too.. :P...

that was how my 1st malacca trip looks like.. lotsa pics were taken.. by cq n kayc.. haha.. that night luckily cq take camua baby. cos i was lazy to carry dee.. tiredness.. haha..

after the tired day.. next day.. domo went to makan lunchy wif kmchow.. i brought him to that beef noodle cos really yummy..
domo story
after dibuli kcq for a day.. domo gets his beef noodle too.. hehe..

thats wat happened b4 i start working.. no rest no nothing.. the next day i went working.. 1st day was not a good day for me.. coldness n my place was so isolated from every1.. but life getting better at work.. congrats me pls... wahahaa.. ot ot ot.. everyday i need to work extra.. even work at home at 1am then work til 7sumting go to work.. but now.. life getting better.. i'm not so crazy anymore...

bye.. monday will post more... more... that will b a really really long post.. wahaha...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

~random number 3~

suddenly feels like posting something b4 i sleep.. had a real nice weekend.. had some deep thoughts.. had so much of food.. which currently bloated til parents wont b able to recognize me anymore.. tomoro.. another day.. another working day where i start to countdown for comin weekend.. pictures n pictures clouded in my mind.. the mixed feelings turns numb.. looking back at my pictures... n now.. i gonna post bout some part of my school... the pic i took the last time i went back to cls for some briefing to the kids.. 1st time post pictures which i really photoshopped alot... n pictures wif watermarked..

IMG_3371 copy
the lil angel which guard my school.. there's 2 of them..

the corridor where we used to loiter n wash hand after play wif plasticin.. back in std 1...
sometimes..v get makanan percuma from this area too.. as usual.. i jus join the crowd.. lets makan.. its free.. but now.. this place is so sappy.. sigh...

clumsy students along block A.. those ice were for canteen day..

canteen day..
nowadays there's no creativity on their food.. all u can get was nasi lemak, ice blended n oso western breakfast set.. last time v used to have corn, herbal eggs, pasta, sushi, chicken pie.. i dun like it wen i back school.. n its canteen day.. those teacher.. will of cos.. ask me to support.. waste of money for low quality n extremely expensive food..

walking off the school.. for my 1 day walking in the town..

lotsa pics were taken wen i walk along the streets, alley.. it was then a hot day but walking alone as if i'm a tourist was pretty fun.. snap watever i like.. emo person like me.. needs some time for herself.. perhaps this is the benefit of no car.. i need to walk to bus stop.. but wen i reach bus stop.. i changed my mind.. i walk all the way to prangin mall for my tomyam lunch wif teh kah wei.. yeah i loves calling her fullname..

gosh its time to sleep now.. yesterday n da day b4 yesterday... din sleep much.. add together oso dun have 8hours.. hahaha.. tomoro... work againzzz...

**emo emo emo
**hapy hapy hapy...
**decision need to b make.. but can it last?? watever..
**so long.. sleep 1st..
**will dream of laughters in mlk..
**i wan2 post something real real long on 1st JUNE.. ^^
**b4 1st june.. i hope i post both malacca trips i had in may 2009.. 2trips oso filled wif laughters.. teehehehe

Saturday, May 23, 2009

~ms apd~

a teaser of my workspace... miss it so much...

the buttons which i used to touch for every single ocassion..

but that place i dun think a fun place for juniors anymore.... the rules n regulation notice which irritates me to the max eventually leads me to my ridiculous attitude.. i actually ask those juniors to ignore that rule>> "do no 'membantah' seniors n teachers order"... thou i left the club 5yrs.. but i jus dun like ppl buli juniors.. apd r meant to b fun n serious only on duty.. i told the juniors to ignore that bullshit n say my name.. haha.. i believe teachers know me still.. wahahaha..... after my interns.. i will balik n rip off that bullshit.. n yeah.. wat kinda colistrian wrote such broken english.. how can u mix it wif bm while its an important note.. disgraceful..

.. goin malacca now wif domo..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

~the smile on her face~

the smile of her face.. sounds like ronan's when u say nothing at all chorus... lalala~~ all the previous post.. pics were taken by me.. or most of it were taken by me.. this time.. i'm inside all of the pics.. n of cos pictures taken by others... these are few candids which enlighten my day for now.. not in good condition.. err.. not very bad.. but work not as smooth as i wish to..

today is a better day.. at least i get to do wat i like which is creating icons.. i wont say much of my work here.. oh ya mood real nice now.. cos i had fantastic lunch wif 2 colleagues, dinner of my own cook.. my soup very very nice this time.. haha.. finish retouching those icons n sent to supervisor dee..stealing some time of my sleep to blog here.. the pics i saw was yesterday in facebook which made my bad day to a nice 1.. yesterday was really not my day.. T_T... but those pic had eventually enlighten me..

these r some of them from the album
this is the pic i like most... i neva see this b4 til yesterday... some1 stalked me... hahaha... n yeah her description of this pic is a nice 1 too..
this is how it goes>>"I like this pic d most.... Despite all the challenges she's facing....Cmei is smiling happily looking at her 'Fung che'...the smile on her face says it all!"
thx "mum" i appreciate u spending time n "watch" over me during my hardtime.. *muakkzzz*

the 1 i know she snap.. haha...
another 1 which i dunno she snapped.. haha...*uncountable stalked picsss*
this was snapped by kayc last week during cher bday..

an antique pic of us smiling.. y1s2.. my turn to present global warming.. the smile on our face in this pic.. was priceless.. jus look at 3 of us...
wahahaha.. i couldn't credit any1 for this pic cos i dun know who is the photographer..

happy times past us real fast... sometimes i wonder am i still a happy-go-lucky person or an emo person.. can any1 tell me?? am i a happy or emo person??,,, sigh... gotta sleep now.. tomoro work againnn... T_T
at jalan hang tuah... our 1 day trip to malacca.. time to go back... **pic taken in cher's car**
a pic to represents my mind at this moment...

reasons i post this up:
**cos of the 1st pic in this blog
**cos i havent filter my picssss from "down the memory lane, malacca.... bla bla bla... lotsa them"
**cos i feel loved wen i c natural smile..
**cos i feel extremely stress wen things went rocky
**cos i've been working n no time to edit pics..
**cos,,, cos i love all my frens... all my readers.. so i have to update this spider-web-ed blog.. hahaha

Monday, May 11, 2009

~1st day~

working 1st day.. woke up in the morning.. clean myself n prepare to work.. walk out of my hse to bus stop.. fan all the way.. oh ya.. saw noob king too.. well reach work far too early.. sit there wait bout 1 hour only get to my place.. n so.. lalalalala blalablalabla..

nothing special happen.. like usual.. 1st nothing to do.. then busy... infact very busy.. ot jor.. take taxi home cos sky turns dark dee.. queue like as if u r getting some free gift.. the queue was so so so long.. got home.. turn on laptop.. n here i am... blogging

my tag n notebook.. aww the notebook so nice... *me love notebooks*

early of my working day.. i was asked to read bout company style guide.. which directly reminds me of esper.. i still remember the enjoyment being in esper.. where v rush together.. work in wenny place.. print n present.. those were the days.. company style guide almost the same talk bout fonts, logotype, pantone color..

logo color
this is esper.. pantone 303 n 1025..*me love it muchy*

esper's souls.. 2 mouth smile widely opened, 1 closed mouth smile, 1 mmm, n 1 lao cha bor in the middle partially opened mouth.. hahaha... *my fav esper pic*

life goes on.. but i will always.. keep them in mind.. many ppl.. many things came across my mind today.. cos i was too free in the morning n afternoon.. tomoro is another day.. god bless me please..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~random number 2~

life getting more ups n downs lately.. feelings r much more so random.. thoughts and imagination ran so wild in my brain.. ppl in my life come n go.. some we din even keep in touch anymore..
n now its end of a semester.. tomoro i'm goin2 work.. kinda emo now.. the feeling now is so alone... so lonely.. sighs.. life goes on.. nervous nervous for tomoro.. wth is wrong wif me.. worry too much.. thinking back it was as if yesterday was my 1st day to uni.. where my emotion was down to the max.. stepping into a whole new world.. need to find new cliques new frens n try to adapt.. there goes the emo me... even in facebook.. quiz oso say i'm an emotional person.. but my life was not so bad n will not b bad as well.. jus around this 2 months.. gone thru lotsa different stuff.. no doubt there's 1 week in my uni life for this sem.. slightly different.. ^o^

skip all those.. let me place some random pics.. the pics that pop into my mind right now.. the moment i miss so much

i really super miss those time v shoot the video.. relax n so nice havin a bunch of gals to ss wif..

fate.. terserempak poe at hot air balloon fest.. back in apr..

ss wif sweecheng as well.. ^o^

t4 lunch wif foo mei lee n her husband.. *act cute pic*

went back cls for ocac briefing to the kids.. i ss wif kak salina.. the science lab asst that always talk to me n well let me go to school late without jotting down my name.. still love her much ^o^

Picture 1
during exam i get so addicted wif rc..

this pic is my character n arrows to show the dilemma she's facing >.<" then yesterday went to malacca for 1 day trip wif the gals.. it was a fun day.. light n easy.. but 4 of us were like zombies cos the night b4 neither of us sleep b4 3am.. my 3am was the earliest compare to them.. haha IMG_3793
the only pics 4 of us together.. sticker pics.. wahaha.. *domo-mei aka nasty kun mm song*

our pics.. the fond memories...

cos of jealousy.. kcq squeeze domo... kesian kan??

life getting rocky.. tomoro is my 1st day workin in SONY for internship.. some of u asked me wat i did for the interview.. i wonder shud i post it here.. but since today is mother's day.. i'll post it here.. the theme given was mother's day.. they asked me to think of a sony product for mothers day n make a cover for it..
mother's day
basically the short tagline i wrote says it all.. thats wat i think i thats wat i did.. pink was chosen as the main cos i wan my mom to stay young n happy.. this is jus a simple design i did.. happy mother's day to all mom in the world.. especially my mother...

bye all.. gonna sleep early.. working life start.. i hope i wont turn anti social.. if i do.. can some1 pls drag me out of the might-be-comin-misery??.. wish me luck for tomoro.. need it desperately...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~help needed~

please help to fight against cruelty.. pulau ketam resident r getting those furry frens aka stray dogs to a deserted island n let them die there.. this action is totally inhuman n unforgiven... shud them end their life in hell.. i might sounds exaggerate but i wan them to b sorry for their inhuman action.. pls go read this 2 link..

skeleton in the island in this link.. u'll see ah girl, pls help.. ah girl's life is in danger.. those freaks r inhuman.. sadness..

rescue link this link, u'll see wats happening.. n how to give a helping hand to those pups..

pls help... pls....

Friday, May 1, 2009

~1st May 2009~

hi all.. today is labour day.. while every1 shud take a rest.. many of my frens need to study for pengajian malaysia.. err.. so do i.. but i'm here blogging..

1st of may is a great day to every1.. especially me n my family.. it was 1st of may 2004 a small lil puppy was brought home.. milky n a bit stinky.. the poor lil puppy look so tiny n shakin.. i tot my fren did not let him eat b4 give him to my family... but i now i know she actually gave more than she shud.. haha.. baby was named berry at 1st then changed to lucky by ms IP.. i did not object much cos lucky was IP sis bday present.. cos at that time.. i cant accept the fact that v r adopting a new member.. i tot i will b sorry to mimi... but i was wrong...

lucky meant so much for each of us.. he might be naughty at times wen he bark at u.. but soon my lil boy melt my heart n makin me realise.. he is not replacing mimi but making his own landmark in ms IB's heart.. lucky became the precious of my hse since then.. today it is his 5th year in my family.. but me in pj n he is in pg accompanying mom on this labour day.. its great to have him at home.. if not mom gonna b lonely this year cos bro, me n IP in kl, sis in kluang n dad normally visit his sifu on this day.. last week.. went home.. as usual.. take my boy to a walk n run in the park.. but this time i took camua babea snap his pic.. regreting i use all raw files.. now the pic look a bit desaturate..

prince of my heart in the park...
my baby yawn of boredom when i was snappin some plants.. haha.. awww... he is such a babe.. ^o^...

my baby was actually lookin at the fish.. mom feeding fishes in the park.. as usual he look curious.. ^o^

thats my mom n baby lucky... lucky was looking at tortoise.. hahaha.. big scary looking tortoise

after go to the park.. as usual.. he gotta have his shower.. n wif me showering him.. he will get his fingernails cut too... will neva let other ppl cut his nails.. cos those ppl cut too deep til hurt my baby.. arrgghh.. lalala.. baby have his weekly shower... ^o^

after his shower.. sure show me an innocent face.. asking for snacks n oso sleep on my bed.. haha.. as usual.. there's always the answer.. "yes boy, nah ur snack"

of cos.. after a tired day.. he shud sleep.. on my bed.. looking at me blogging n msn.. ^o^

ppl always say i spoil him.. but wat i wan is to make him happy n me happy... like those dog show says.. to us he is a pet but we r his everything.. if its not cos of lucky.. i still will think i'm unable to accept any new dog.. i will tot of being unfair to mimi.. but now.. i know.. they r both equally important to me.. lucky dun jus loved by me, but of cos whole family.. if any1 try to hurt him.. i'm so gonna kick his ass or he'll be sorry for it.. hahaha.. i'm serious..

laptop pic...
Photo 33
this was taken last year.. wen i'm finish work part time in exa.. baby always jealous wen i play yahoo games n will try to get some attention... by kissing me ^o^

Photo 61
parents ss wif my laptop oso.. papa is hugging lucky instead of me.. but i dun mind.. every1 loves lucky boy.. ^o^

dear lucky baby... happy 5th anniversary.. this year i did not count down cos i dun wan u to fall sick again.. each time i count down for anything.. something bad will happen T__T

**ok must start study pengajian malaysia
**today i'm really happy
**goin back penang on this comin sunday.. to suprise mommy
**yeah i love suprising ppl.. hahaha...
**pics in the park til baby on my bed.. taken wif potrait lens *note for angelene*