Saturday, July 25, 2009

~a walk along those streets~

old pics were korek out from those folders.. back to 2months ago.. or 3 months.. after brief those kids bout OCAC camp.. i then walk back alone.. yeah walk all the way from cls to prangin mall.. the distance was not near.. yeah a week back to penang without car cos "hero" was in cyberjaya at that time.. but i certainly enjoyed every single moment walking down those alley, those streets wif some familiar faces.. wanted to find my tuition teacher but she was not around... so i jus walk again til reach love lane home.. play wif mi square then walk again.. pics were taken as if i'm a tourist.. lol..

outside of cls.. along farquar street..

that church.. where v took pics during std6 back in 1999.. wif et, kg n cicak *where r those pics??*

the road where v were forbid to cross, n have to use that kah motor jejantas.. which i normally ignore.. cos that bridge always hv some maniac or shit there =.=

along love lane.. where i used to lived.. that day was so nice.. cloudy wif blue sky ^o^

rope walk,, the trishaw uncles look kesian but its good that they earn own to live their life..

the green building was where all cls photos were develope back to the days when i was called "the apd girl".. this road gave me lotsa memories... from a kid where dad carry me home when i lazy walk, then go cousin hse play, then "barley peng".. pei sounds familiar right?? our ctc camp moment.. agama lancar rocks.. hahaha

getting near to destination.. the other side of rope walk after campbell street cross junction.. komtar is now very visible..

thats komtar.. which night not shining anymore =.=, they dun on lights to make it a nice night skyscrapper.. darn.. wat a waste..

reach prangin.. find kah wei for lunch.. met long lost bird fren.. yin may.. she still.. looks the same wif hairstyle, spect n dressing.. n yeah way of talking too.. lalalala~~~ ate my fav tomyam which i feel it dun taste like how it used to wen i have it back in f4.. not the same anymore.. and far extra pricey.. loiter around prangin.. feeling was too not the same anymore.. our past time loiter place.. now full of "seafoods" and bangla.. n indo.. zzz... i then take bus home,, pheww.. long time since i take a public bus back home..

in the bus.. mom asked me not to take transit link.. so i took rapid penang.. b4 the bus cramp wif ppl.. i was able to snap a shot.. then cont stand n read my story book til i reach home...

**time spent alone was not that bad afterall..
**no car does not stop me from walking out..
**gosh.. this week was like hell to me.. work, ot, n everything
**bye every1.. i've finish packing for my getaway
**1.5l water, a book, camera, a shade, touch n go.. n here i go.. ^o^
**i wish for the best today...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

~exploring.. experimenting~

this post is a continuous post from the previous.. haha.. from my title exploring and experimenting? yeah i'm playing wif photoshop this time.. cos weeks ago was too free in office*for a while only*.. explored how to liquify nice nice.. n oso some lomo effect... n some filters n stuff.. lol..

wondermilk is oso lomography embassador.. so play la some effect on it.. teehehehe ^o^
*1st try.. forget to vignette.. =.=*
notice the bokeh of the word "lomography"??

another side of cookies...

bought home some "love".. cos desperately need it?? lol.. *green channel slightly more*

*slightly more red*...

highlight only on my cookies.. n a touch of feather... *blue channel more*

that was all i got from wondermilk.. 3weeks ago.. oh ya.. i din get any cupcakes.. cos i think its over rated and very pricey.. but.. i had them as my assignment 2 pics.. haha.. had lotsa pictures taken back then.. too bad i din manage to ss wif my cupcakes cos assignment busy giler..

the rose.. rushed to petaling street right after i reach pj back then.. crazy =.=
*this cupcake chose by member*

*oreo flavor,, dunno how it tasted,, makan by ange *assignment pic but this time different feel wif different style of psd*

thats all from wondermilk...

**lomo pics??.. nope they r not.. i'm jus exploring wif channels and picture modes.. haha
**now its 3.22am.. n i;m still here.. damn
**wats next??
**mood in not a mess.. but..
**2 newsletter for aug.. zzz
**i feel so reluctant to leave my leopea now..
**suddenly i feel like goin home pulak.. zzz
**oh yeah pretty hot now..

last pic of the day...
taken this back at tropicana right after i ss... personally i like this pic.. so i photoshop abit.. to make it suit my mood right now.. crystal which melt...

i wish and i hope...
i'm not counting down days of my internship.. cos i have some nicey nice colleagues there.. perhaps next few post will b bout our outing.. our ss pics.. n lots more..

stay tuned.. i will update my blog frequently if i rajin enuf.. malacca post, intern gang, lui's bday n some other outings.. oh yeah pet exhibition too.. ^o^

til then... byezzz.. oh now is 0330

Sunday, July 12, 2009

~weeks ago~

as some1 real lazy to do anything bout her pics... mind her..
jus a couple of weeks ago.. went to wondermilk wif mom.. erm actually that day v went lotsa place thou.. morning makan kat pasar, walk around 1u.. then wondermilk, then hunt pressie at tropicana n drink at somewhere which i forgot the restaurant name, then dinner at picadilly.. lotsa pics were taken... but i only load a few in flickr.. cos line pretty bad now.. slow like a sloth.. damn it..

okies dokies.. post some of our lunchy pics..
*my macadamia milk*

i tot was some macadamia drink.. manatau it happens to b milk.. but i like it.. the aroma of macadamia.. wow.. its nice.. will order it again in my next visit.. wahahaha..

mom's egg sandwich wif a generous amount of chips..

my turkey ham baked potato..

after i korek.. wow... the ham were popping out..

the hams, the melting cheese... gosh.. it was so so yummy

these sets of pictures should be put in jus 1.. but jus too lazy to photoshop it.. the salad accompany this potato is jus nice.. light n crunchy.. 1st time in my life eat raw "sai yong choy" but its nice too..

we sit there really long.. cos i dun get to on9 at home during that period so i have my own sweet time over there chatting... lol.. i still remember chatting wif member-jane.. lol.. kg on9-ing wif her phone thou. hahaha.. sit so long so i wan some snack.. saw those sausage in menu.. n so.. v ordered... but it turns out to be this>>

omg its another meal.. damn..

luckily the taste still ok.. but i prefer 1901..

after this.. v proceed to get some stuff home.. oh ya we went wondermilk but did not eat any cupcakes.. but v buy some love home.. y do i say so?? cos of this tag below :D
lol.. this pic edited long time ago til i lazy to edit any.. no cause.. jus lazy bug suddenly stuck on me..


**hope to post bout our cookies.. soon?
**post some pics of cupcakes??
**post intern gang outing??
**post chu chap tong??
**post of everything??
**post post post.. lazy...
**lalalalala~ ss in own blog is not a crime.. hahaha

a break wif mochacino.. n bye every1... *ss mode still on*