Thursday, October 22, 2009


suddenly tot of bloggin'... wahaha.. suppose doin something i should be doin but here i am.. typing n ever so reluctant to get my butt off the white chair wif checker cushion.. saw my tag which i loves it much much.. yeah its not genuine leather but pvc brown wif pink strap.. a gift from marketing grace on my last day.. lol.. yeah later everything i used is from sony.. to save up from buying new stuff anyway.. found a pvc-ed leather for cyber-shot which now i'm using it as my purse.. wahaha..

well class started 2days ago.. 1st time my life in UTAR... i'm given a CHOICE... yeah finally i can make my own choice in utar.. the choice i had to make was between psychology n public speaking.. never give my brain to process anything.. i jus say.. i'm taking public speaking.. oh well.. not cos i can speak perfectly.. in fact the flaws n grammar errors.. lots to the hell.. i took public speaking cos i dun wan2 study on theory anymore.. n had a bad experince lecture back to 3sems ago.. where my lecturer irritated me to the max n kinda strangled my nerves wif her irritating voice n attitude too.. i might sound very mean.. perhaps i am.. MEAN..

choosing public speaking do made a big different in me n us.. the lunch gang shrank to jus me, poe, ah bit n noob.. yeeleng n kel chose psychology.. this is the 1st time.. to split us up.. today is thurs.. which means our normal breaky or shud say brunch get from pasar pagi.. yeeleng's nasi kerabu as usual.. mine normally would be nasi goreng pedas wif mixed rendang n daging kurma.. while others.. they do change their menu.. the impact of not being together for this sem.. big or small.. i'm not sure.. mayb intern too.. splitted us by abit.. but i do feel some of us r closer than b4.. miss those days where i could jus gear up n run away.. at least i dun need to chase bus.. i believes.. i shall call mom later <:

at this moment.. i still loves my class.. at least this lecturer speaks elegantly, good in general knowledge n she dun bored us wif philosophies like some others love to.. the email she shared yesterday was in fact a funny 1.. we were given chance to talk in class.. n i mean every1 to talk.. yeah.. pretty enjoy a class wif interactions n breaking the ice.. she asked us to talk bout internship instead of talking bout ourselves which yeah.. boring cos more or less.. most of us know each other.. some of them really had hard time for their internship.. threaten to treat the boss ice cream, wear mascot, a boss that is gay.. n yeah jackie.. the fat boss .. if i were them.. i would name him as jack ass.. lol.. its rather funny.. oh yeah i would not put away chance to step CK.. as lecturer ask us do utar really care.. i would have say no.. wat ck loves doin was to threaten us, failing us which he got no authority in doin so, n no rights to rip off our future just by doin so..

a pic to share my lovely tag n newly bought book..

today is 22.10.2009... officially 7months left for me to enjoy life as student.. time flies.. with a zap of light.. pooff.. here i am.. in my final year.. doin final year project n start stepping bit by bit into some job which i feel i shud accept.. is tough.. whether to stay in pj or jus head back to penang to be the gal at home or hunt job further from jus pj.. but watever it is.. not gonna think now.. cos who knows wat gonna happen tomoro.. n well.. live life for today.. worry later.. haha.. dats all for now..

photoshop asking me to touch it..
fyp asking me to search it..
blogspot asking me to publish it..
IB asking herself to stop it...

Monday, October 12, 2009

~internship ended~

erm... i know intern ended more than a month.. but tomoro i will be heading back to office.. find them.. n yeah get my pay cheque as well.. happy n unhappy oso.. i've gone thru my training wif ups n a bit of down.. 1st day of working was abit devastating wif seat below the aircond, next to photostat machine n i was wondering y no lunch.. din even realise ppl went out for lunch.. lol.. they din realise i was there either.. then i feel warm back wen my supervisor aka iryne back then ask if i need a jacket.. mayb she c me shivering.. lol.. next day.. went out lunch wif colleagues.. n til end.. v r hapy bunch of humans..

as days pass by.. v soon become closer n closer.. especially after they shift n let us sit together.. the intern row.. life was then up n up ^... til one moment.. lol.. got really messed up wif my emotions n unable to accept critics n hated facebook too.. lol.. but some of them.. was always for me.. talk to me n all... felt so warmth cos ah yit boil soup to office pretty frequent.. wen v went to her place.. she even "ten" thong sui for us.. which good for complexion.. wahaha.. i miss that apple tong shui so much.. luckily got tapao home.. haha.. yao sik yao lik..

Picture 1
there goes the 3 of us.. lol..

then bout my department.. strange but its a fact that i personally got 3 supervisorss.. was not so close wif own department ppl besides joey n my 3 supervisors.. yeah i am pretty close wif my supervisors.. lol.. 1st was iryne thou i worked wif her not more than a month.. but she rushed work wif me.. working out the POPs n newsletter together.. i was so sad and worry wen she leave sony.. as for karen.. she tot me pretty much things.. especially the reason v need to say no n stay firm.. prioritize.. eunice,, mayb age near n v worked ot together to finish aeon mag page.. joey.. v work together for those stuff.. thou slightly different cos she under sony style n me under sony centre.. hers was more to branding.. but mine.. POPsss.. wobblers n oso price tags.. was super happy cos new range price tag approved b4 i leave.. weee~~~

Picture 2
this is my department.. haha

then the very important ppl.. lunch mates of cos.. the only time where we can talk n talk.. walk around midvalley when we have extra time.. the precious 1 hour of laughterss... v got pretty close.. shud say.. i'm closer wif them compare to my own department ppl..

Picture 3
v r from different department.. RMD, CIC, admin, ....

then for almost 4 months.. been talking n mixed wif other department ppl as well.. allan n john.. the guys who give training.. our common topic will be photography... but i was known as "c" as i dun use alpha.. haha.. gan the comp guy from MIS.. lol.. always hv to call his ext to fix my ma fan comp.. jing the guy who give out cheque.. scared him once cos i ter-cut my cheque.. lol.. as for grace.. met her in sony style opening.. ^^.. oh n most important.. the drinks machine from pantry.. lol.. paling good.. kept us warm.. n occasionally v go for tea time.. haha..

Picture 4
all oso not from my department.. haha..

overall.. working there as intern.. was a happy and great times more than sappy time.. i guess i'm very well blessed.. met so much of nice ppl.. n got a kigo on my last day.. the final hour in office... weee~~~ pretty much crazy bout kigo b4 i leave n wished to own 1.. then i got it from erica.. wahaha... lotsa kigo pics were snapped using my canon.. lol.. but i prefer showing some which i photoshopped.. cos some.. i dunno where i left it.. i meant the pics i took on my way back pg.. i brought kigo to indulge some fruits in tapah too.. haha.. i think is tapah.. or watever..
snapped this pic in my room when the whole housing area in paya terubong no electricity.. haha.. edited n make it look eerie..

IP said kigo pics most got child play looks.. lol.. but i dun seem to care much n still loving this kigo wong.. waiting bro to bring him back to me from pg to pj.. wahaha...

**this morning.. got a devastated news.. stephen gately passed away yesterday.. which mean boyzone no longer boyzone.. cos after ro.. stephen is the singer.. sigh... my all time fav.. boyzone.. except the 3 uncles aka shane, keith n mikey.. althou stephen is gay but his voice really nice for some of the songs.. becos of ro n him.. boyzone get awards, no.1 hit singles n no.1 hit albums..
in case u dunno.. stephen is the middle guy in this pic.. one of their pic for tour *back.. no matter what*

**thats all for now.. i have to sleep cos tomoro need to reach office around 10..
**sigh new sem starting in a week...
**fyp sounds like killing me.. T___T
**now on air.. all boyzone songs....

Thursday, October 8, 2009


been a long time since i left this blog.. giving myself piles of reason for not blogging.. busy?? perhaps i was... outings outings n outings.. which dug a huge hole in my pocket.. dried up.. came back to pj.. but was very very disappointed.. router is now in koma i guess.. which mean v need to rotate to on9 again.. so much of mixed feelings each time i'm back in pj.. suprisingly.. to some1 who always say i sleep like a pig in bus.. today i did not.. wahaha.. clean my lil room.. bout 3 hours of wiping, mopping, rubbing, cleaning n washing.. yet my floor still occupied by luggage..

i feel abit regret for not comin back tomoro morning.. cos at least in penang i can hug lucky n wi fi anywhere i like.. life seems to be lifeless when i'm not connected to the net.. at this moment.. i feel sad that hero did not come back wif me.. well so do kigo wong.. but at least purple white checkers is wif me.. accompanying me in my lil room as always...

so much of feelings lately.. angry, disappointed, regret, happy, touched, dis-satisfactions, excited.. i have it all... to certain extend i really hate to help jus any1 right now.. i hate promises... please dun promise me anything nor ask me to promise anything.. get the hack off my sight.. besides that helping ppl dun seems right anymore.. ppl will jus take u for granted.. this apply to the volunteery work i did 2 weeks ago which v did not appreciated by ppl around but was ordered to do this n dat.. carry the most oily n heavy kuih kak in the world.. and lastly most important.. they din even say the word "thank you".. no next time to volunteer for any chinese society stuff cos i've gone thru it a few times.. the outcome is still the same.. disappointing..

my emotion gets tighter everytime i cannot on9 all the time i like.. its like rotating the line.. yeah i feel much very pathetic but still v hv to do so.. y cant the router let me stay happily for a few more months.. oh yeah tv is now not even a radio.. i got a bad feeling of all these negative incidents.. gosh feel like running away again... where shud i go.?? emotion at this moment is very weak.. yeah the swinging mood is back.. i'm not having PMS cos just had it last week.. i jus dun like the feeling being stop from doin wat i wan and not getting wat i wan.. erm wat am i writing here.. zzz.. things been floating n surrounding.. the bad n the good.. one more week for me to noon nap.. n there i go.. having everyday life walking to utar.. rush assignments and emo as usual..

thinking of the lil pups.. there's only one word to describe my feeling.. **pissed**.. oh well god bless the puppies pls..
i guess i shud post the pups pic here..
lil goldie

every stretch makes a few inches

the yin n yang

yaya n her babies

i feel>>T__T.. sigh *personal feeling*


the 5 of them.. i jus cant snap a nice 1 as they keep moving away

dear puppies.. may god bless u and may u lead a happy life like ur parents did.. remember me.. i love u...

**up next:

anyway still feels damn mm song.. thats all.. bye..

the line is now officially chopped..