Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM2011): My 1st Marathon

20-11-2011... I had my 1st marathon.. doubted if i managed to finish it or not but then as one whom never put down her ego to give up.. i managed to finished with a complimentary finisher pewter medal(i was late by more than 15minutes)..

A day before the run, was dad's birthday.. we had fantastic sunset at balik pulau followed by dinner at some really out-of-nowhere for dinner..
My awesome misty sunset :)

Reached home but i was too reluctant to sleep though i know that i gotta wake up by 430am for my run ^_^... slept and awaken.. brush teeth wash face and head to Queensbay..

one picture of 4 of us before we start to run.. the guys' expression are abit off ><

the scenery was way nicer.. *picture from kelvin*

They reached faster than me alot.. but still me is one of the finisher.. yays.. thx for all of your support.. hehehe..
My 1st medal.. i will join the next run :)

About the run
It was my 1st time wearing sleeveless around for half day.. fat arms.. huhuhu
I walked more than running.. i guess three third of it was walking and ran abit..
Running towards the bridge was awesome.. the cold breezy air with breathtaking sunrise was a real pay off for the effort used.. not to forget running means burning calories too...