Thursday, September 30, 2010

~september fairytail~~

fairytail or fairytale? just 2 days ago when i brought my boy out and dry him up after his shower.. he ran away.. normally he will run back to me if i let him pee without chasing him.. but this time he changed his strategy.. unleashed himself and ran away from the condo area.. i chase until the road side and i lost him because i cant run as fast as he is.. heart jumped like as if it is coming out.. asked around whether guards or some econsave stranger, no trace of my boy.. ran back to my place n ask the guard again.. no trace.. then saw a black piece of thing on the ground... i thought it was my boy n start to tear.. luckily it was not.. back to my condo again.. heard my boy's barking.. it was at econsave.. like all fairytale.. my fairytail ended with a happy ending.. he ran back to me just like every drama's most touching scene.. back home.. he looks normal.. but night.. fell sick and fever.. my boy T__T..

went to vet the next morning.. dr said mayb he was shocked and too tired.. baby lost 200g.. left 4.6kg..

my baby boy is sick T__T sick until ears cannot stand and no appetite.. sobs

sick until lunch and dinner also did not eat.. T__T no barking too..

my lucky with his soothing hanky..

thank god.. my baby is now very healthy, can bark, can run, play tennis ball and can eat properly.. hehehe... i am happy back.. weee~~ sometimes me and sis feel boy ran away because he was jealous of my nephew.. dear lucky boy please do not feel abandon.. we love u super lots lots.. ^^

punishment for lucky boy running away n made me cry and so worry on the road.. u r officially 1 month GROUNDED!!! :P sis scolded me for snapping our boy's sick face.. hehehe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


life lately pretty much can be compare to cinderella except that i will not have a fairy godmother *bidibi badibi boo*, no pumpkin, no ugly step sisters, no stepmother, no ugly fat lucifer.. but i cook, and take care of the baby with mom.. perhaps a modern cinderella.. comparing myself to cinderella because of my drink at Vintage Bulgaria, a German fine dining restaurant.. well not so fine after all..

me and my drink, Cinderella..
some typical fruit punch with very soury taste, one sip guarantee you will be awaken! anyway the my portrait snapped by peipei.. ^^ and yea, cinderella new time is no longer before 0000 but 0300.. hahaha

and this is the baby nephew i am facing everyday.. as cute as he may look but when he roars, even my dad will also runaway because he can be real scary :P

he wanted to get my dslr but i lent him my bandanna and lil toy camera. his cute puppy eyes..

ended up, he put my lil camera into his little mouth >.<"
and this is my life now, still wandering around and not finding jobs.. i changed... don't you agree? can't wait to review 60D.. but because of canon page very miscommunicating, i don't even know if i am eligible for 1week trial + 50% discount.. canon marketing malaysia should take note to this matter. failing to create a reliable POP would cause alot of trouble to the consumers.. zzz

Saturday, September 11, 2010

~the season~

hi blog, sorry for neglecting you and the header "under construction" have not done as well. my bad, my bad..

and i was wondering... even this picture i need to load three times in flickr, but still fail with broken link.. is it really so difficult? so difficult even to load a single tiny resized picture

the fifth time.. what is love?

dear God, please end the season.. and to my friends who had struggled and still struggling, good luck and be positive..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

~da next chapter~

so much of unpublished blogs.. but today i am not into posting those old bloody stories and untouched pictures,, lol.. *ahemmm* what about next chapter? actually i am not so sure of how my career going to be.. whatever it is,, many things happened this few months time.. finished my degree and waiting for upcoming convocation.. because of drainage.. erm what i meant was, i am BROKE! n salary yet to receive.. disappointment.. sigh..

not all that bad.. at least i had a blast at cameron with ss company, bkt tinggi and redang with cls friends.. feelings of happy and unhappy, but my laziness.. stopped me from filtering my pictures.. but its good that some of our bond r closer.. made a frame for my pictures.. and yes, my red slippers went to redang!

one of our sunset shot *snapped by melanie*

jumping shot
our nice jump shot! *snapped by angelene*

my lovely slippers and the chair... *emo-ing at more -more tea inn*

i was snorkeling and domo was diving ^__^

kc bday
our gathering.. and kayc bday.. her lovely bday card.. ^__^

at pei's USM convocation..

my recent life.. with the babies.. my turn waiting for convocation, which i really not looking forward.. maybe i can feel the tiredness already.. but maybe peipei is right, on that day i will feel happier.. a good thing is that.. my family going with me.. but lucky hv to go lodging.. sobs.. T__T

my next chapter, will be.. whether i update my resume and try my luck on that branding company or continue my dream :(

Thursday, June 17, 2010


**CAUTION: all the below are just her rant, don't read if u don't want to bored til death**

things had been said n done.. finally ending of my misery.. thou mon is the last day but to me.. it ends here.. to the trip.. i was extremely excited over it but decision n feelings changed in just a glance when i c something i dun like.. many of my friends who know me well, will definitely know why i am not going because i never join a trip if i feel i cant enjoy.. perhaps some think one out of 20 is a small percentage but lets recall back our peribahasa "setitik nila, rosak susu sebelanga".. i would not cont much cos everyone deserves to enjoy that include the ----.. else i'll get the label as a pot calling a kettle black..

lotsa decision came into my mind a few hours ago.. i will cont another battle.. thx to primetime for getting me more friends.. but i lost 2 things in primetime as well, one of my biggest project which cost me more than anyone had pay me.. feelings towards primetime was like love and hate.. but i would like to make a conclusion that.. i love it more than hate it.. lessons learned, friends earned which is more than earning the huge amount of money because i know money can be earn by just working but not friends.. to some whom stood by me, thx alot.. emotionally i never show how emo i am but.. to be frank now, every minute of trying to hold the emotion was like holding a cutter n slice my flesh.. through primetime i can feel an upgrade in myself.. reflecting on how i dealt with previous issue n ptime.. all the above statements are my own feelings and this is the only place where i can write my heart out.. i shall focus more on my future
time to take another leap... to somewhere else *pic loaded by blogspot n taken by lumix*

Friday, June 11, 2010


dear miss IB,
cmei will off to somewhere... she is now drained.. kindly understand her situation.. tired.. realizing 3 shots is nothing.. cmei told herself to go for more in the future.. hoping for a smoother upcoming.
thank you.

sharing my handsome boy's pic..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

~shooting maniacs~

with regards for the upcoming event that we've planned for months.. part of our team had came out with some brilliant ideas.. we do not just try to impress by using the exhibition hall but took a wilder journey as multiple artworks, video clips, animation and gimmicks were posted in youtube and facebook... apart from creating gimmicks, we had even planned an art bazaar on the following weekend to create a merrier event with full of fond memories.. n perhaps help boosting economy by spending on limited edition hand crafts and clothes..

tomorrow is shooting maniac's official hunt for creative expression from the public.. let the pictures below do the talking..

shooting maniac1
simple n nice poster by jason ooi *g-mickey team leader*

shooting maniacs
our timetable.. see you there :D

some simple ways for you to get the attractive prizes..

as for our art bazaar.. do come visit n get ur mini polaroid picture snap.. each pic only cost less than rm5.. custom made fujimini instax pouch.. lansi fitted cap.. n some handmade goods
for more enquiries, u may contact me or the person incharge on the flyer

not to forget there are plenty of goodies up for grabs..

see you there,, besides 4 of us.. there are more to see.. haha...

**all the pic above taken from "PRIMETIME 2010".. check us out in facebook by typing "PRIMETIME 2010" on the search box.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

~my precious~

suddenly feels like running home going home for my lil precious.. cos sis told me he got lice attack :(.. it was after a run in the park.. haihz.. hope by the time i reach home next week.. my precious boy recover..
pic taken using w705, while my handsome waiting for mom..

officially missing everyone... dear buddha pls bless my handsome and remove the bad lice away from my precious... namoamitabha..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~decision and time~

time proved everything.. decision made.. an offer to cont work on it but turning down one as well.. i dun think i can cope so much.. i believes i need more own sweet time to rest.. during the drill/march at taman jaya.. i realized many things.. been a long time since last fever.. but i got it this monday.. totally dead on bed when i was doin the price tag layout.. worst i din realize i fell asleep.. next i awake... i'm so damn hooottt.. thx to the day b4 hand which i were to stand under hot sun n run up n down.. then lunch, test car and night dinner too... i dunno if i shud say life is indeed a rollercoaster.. was so devastating getting to know RONAN strayed with an ugly ballerina backstage bitch.. ronan why? why? haihz...

more stuff i got to know as well but mayb i shud not get excited over it.. watever!!... oh car is back to normal... weee~~ was terrible experience to drive when ur 1st n 2nd gear got prob to change @_@... emotionally was pretty weak last 2 days, headache attacked.. ouch.. heartache too attack *double ouch*, hp-ache, car-ache n money-ache.. lalala~~

oh done ahleng's poster.. sorry for not perfect-ing the poster cos miss IB time kinda messed up last few days... arrghh.. n thx for liking it too.. all the best to u n ur frens
catch them at taylors college lakeside campus tomorrow aka 27th May 2010..

bye.. i need to sleep.. headache coming... byez
pudarrrr n fadeeeee

Sunday, May 23, 2010


i don't know what to put for title.. many things have been said and done lately.. took up a few challenges too.. a whole new experience and journey i would say.. suddenly i have 2 alternatives.. or mayb more.. not sure if i wan2 commit or not but not sure if i wan2 let go or not? other than this.. i would like to state and make the statement strongly that friends and acquaintance has a huge difference.. i don't work on demand nor bound to any instruction, so keep it short n clean.. else debarking shall be done.. my reaction towards a statement said by my friend during dinner was pretty big as i feel much annoyed n accused.. its not my job to babysit others and what more to an acquaintance?

this cake absolutely a MUST try at "boh tea plantation" a good match for the cream n cake :D

i wish for an enlightenment from any great people around me.. now what i have to do is to make my decision, finish ahleng's poster, layouts, finance and etc..

*gtg.. hv to sleep now as 7am need to b awake n need to reach 8AM SHARP.. sounds like i have no freedom... 2more weeks to end the pain.. byez

Friday, May 21, 2010

~ss company trip 2_part 1~

last thurs went up to cameron with my ss company to have our 2nd trip.. a getaway to release the stress and relax in the cooling place.. this trip we are pretty lazy to ss, mayb cos of the rain and makes us sleepy with that cold weather we keep staying in hotel.. hotel was damn cheap i would say, 2 double beds with a plasma tv.. awesome.. wahaha.. stayed 2nights here still cheaper than 1 night in port dickson.. but we still hearts PD :D

our 1st dinner, price and taste wise i would give 4/5 rating.. as for service.. 4.9/5.. lol

generous amount and tasteful prawn mantis at incredibly good price.. haha

me at magical rabbit land.. lol..

we went to pretty lotsa places also but.....some pics r in CR2 file which makes me pretty lazy to process it yet.. dats y this is part 1... but wait... i'm not yet done with this post..

at strawberry moments.. food rating below average.. but environment wise.. still ok *dunno y i like this pic alot.. lol*

at the pasar malam with my fav ice cream.. n my poor ss skill >.<"

our wonderful fresh salad breakfast *did i mentioned, we r staying in hotel.. haha but we have a multipurpose cooker,, will reveal it the next post*

went to boh tea plantation.. the driving experience to go there was scary+funny+awesome+stress+happy.. oh all sorts of feeling.. n most of all the satisfaction upon arrival with a phew~~ finally.. lol

company pic at entrance ^_^ *this pic is too nice to photoshop, yeahs saved time*

princess gloria and the 3 domos at boh tea plantation..

lol.. some natural shots while i was thinking of how to pose.. wahaha.. now i feel i look stupid with my hat.. lol *thx to bosses for snapping this*

too many pics to post.. but thats all.. need to go out settle pretty much stuff.. hp need to service.. need to take laptop out to help my fren's assignment n settle another deal.. wahahaha.. byez

btw i'm working on my portfolio website.. hehe.. i got my own domain already :D *pls congrats me*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~introducing mr cheeky tan~

at last n finally, i'm updating my blog.. header will remain under construction as too much of works assigned n as well,, erm.. accepted.. haha.. not sure if i can do it great but will give my 100+1% to make watever i pursue a success..

oh yes.. introducing mr cheeky tan, cheeky when in the mom's tummy and cheekier as now he is rawr-ing real loud.. he cries like a cub.. tiger cub.. haha.. so fast he tempt to stay in bro's room.. y? cos that room full of toys.. master grade toyssss... ngek ngek..

lol.. once upon a time, both of them were my models for fyp ^__^

bb is now in my hse luu.. wan2 visit him? pls RSVP.. lol

bb with kungkung's hand

bb with mummy

bb with popo

bb with lucky boy ^__^ *lucky is very concern n supportive, bravo!!*

bb with patrick.. haha..

bb says: hello IB yi

went home for less than 48hours to c the little guy.. how can we not excited for the family 1st cub.. haha.. snapped lotsa pics which 1 with G's b.bird, i doubt the pic look nice in composition cos i lol.. simply snapped..

wow i did lotsa stuff yesterday, went market to buy kampung ayam betina.. which very miscommunicating with chic seller n mom, walked home. makan, then snap bb shower pics, shower my lucky n of cos cut his nails, bring lucky to the park.. walked to buy herbs n sis stuff, cut hair n buy coconut drinks for mom.. i walked out from home 2times.. haha all day walking.. nice!! walk n snap.. wahaha..

i said i dun wan2 photoshop bb's pic cos too raw to photoshop.. haha.. the fact is that i oso feel lazy to do so.. lalalala.. at this moment mood real good.. hope mood like this will stay for long.. oh yeah gonna issue one of the 1st receipt real soon.. gtg.. more uploads soon.. bye~~

Thursday, April 8, 2010

~call me noob~

never had i thought that i was totally cut off.. call me noob for being so naive and thought everything is back to normal.. i never ask for respect but at the same time pls don't sarcast me or fake things around.. somehow i failed keep my emotion stable early in the morning *sorry purple white checker that i broke my promise*.. this is just too hurtful for ms IB to accept the cruel facts..

mixed filters from photoshop..

there goes my 99th post in this blog.. another beyond my expectation..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


feeling cheesy.. but at least today cleared my suspicion towards an issue which i had in mind weeks ago.. another yes to my instinct.. the feeling of anger is not what i feel now but doubting on current situation.. suddenly i feel everything so fake.. overcame my ego, that i've made a few steps to straighten things up and then the green lite on net somehow re-appeared.. but the blue lite tells everything.. it can be done without my consent but can never be undone without my assent..

setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga.. *nothing to do with this random picture*

done with law.. lets concentrate on fyp and interactive multimedia..

**i'm not emo but having the cheesy feeling
**----------------------------------... *doh*
**lol.. speechless..

Friday, April 2, 2010


abit of depression towards my dvd that i've bought.. received a call from popular 1week ago.. ask me to claim for my refund.. i seriously not looking for a refund.. i wanted the dvd badly T__T another credit is that i'm getting 'brother' cd tomorrow.. just an exchange :P..

i only support ori!! wahaha..

the concert dvd got prob >.<" the 'extra' nothing wrong.. simply love it ^^

will hunt for this dvd AGAIN... maybe not in malaysia.. or bla bla bla.. talking bout searching for dvd.. reminds me of my cd.. boyzone's where we belong.. if anyone can find it for me with condition its original and still new.. i will pay extra 20bucks.. or *slave myself for 3days to get it(condition if i agree to do so) T__T.. i am serious.. i even told a friend of mine.. my eyes wont close tight if i die without owning that album..

where we belong
image of the album.. please help me find this.. seriously wanted this cd since my cassette died..*album name: where we belong*

**pics from A480..
**too much of law.. my condition for being slave is subject to change without prior notice*
**tomorrow's mission.. gakken construction ^_^
**battery grip is dead.. still under warranty thou :P

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


lol.. too many pics to edit.. too many things to do but i cant stop smiling and laughing remembering our conversation.. lol.. our future.. we use LV and COUCH bags.. lol.. we even will upgrade our meal with an expensive steam fish loo.. wahaha.. a dedication to 4 of us ^^ company ss

lol.. our future gathering mock up!! *u know i know who and which is ourselves*

will try my best to compile our yumcha pic kat ice cream shop.. ^^ want to make better layout.. hehe.. oh ya and our ss trip pics. that hv to do after exhibition ^^

bye march.. a month with lotsa ups and a slight down.. i still hearts u lots ^^

**to big boss, boss n me.. good luck in our fyp ^^
**to pekerja all the best for everything.. dun so emo la *cozy*
**to every1.. gambateh for everything.. hello april

Friday, March 26, 2010


in about 24hours, will b 2010 earth hour.. spent 2009 earth hour with domo.. it was too, a day where my domo gets the birth mark on its tiny lil hand.. the mark made my domo special and very different from the others.. like it or not, my domo went to lotsa places with me.. and spent my darkest time with me during my runaway from fact getaway *crazy i may sound.. but i am indeed crazy*

peekaboo at i-city, shah alam

tomorrow we will go for another getaway again!! wahaha.. to celebrate our 1st anniversary? booo to me.. lol.. tomorrow is just a getaway with bro, my IP n laypeng.. tomorrow marks the 3rd time domo visit malacca with me :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010


by right at this hour i should be working on my plans.. my fyp and assignment.. but weather is too hot, facebook not working right at this moment because i could not load any photo.. morning morning get pissed by some blunt comments over my lucky boy.. barking is the only communication mode he can use.. shallow people will not understand.. skip that tl person..

lost my today's commitment towards assignment.. yesh i did say i will not and shall not give up although i'm not good in multimedia.. but i shall try my best.. so much of commitment recently which some.. partially i gave up..

posting some pics i snapped on the last day of hot air balloon.. asked my piggy sis to come.. but too bad she cant.. some pics for her to jealous.. lol.. yes!! i know i'm evil.. but i cant help it cos i like those pics that i took.. the models r good enough for not scolding me..

totally love the expression of the model & composition of this picture.. *thx to the yellow balloons ^^ and thx to the mild wind too*

congrats to this couple :D

a lonely picture.. no string attached.. *bla bla bla*

marriage is the most scary lovely commitment for 2 person to make it a success.. building a family and breed too.. hahaha.. yeah i said breed.. u did not read it wrong!! my eldest sis is delivering soon and piggy is going to go through the chinese traditional wedding this coming december!! CONGRATS to both of my dear sisters ^^.. hope for more good news from my family and friends.. kick my ass to go apply whatever i wan2 commit asap so that i can successfully get it!! good luck to me :D

thats all for now.. better get my hand back to my 'loading' pages.. lol.. long time din do gif files.. now wan2 make a more complicated one.. wish me luck pls :D feel abit guilty because i did not get consultation from supervisor and finished the 25epi of drama in a zap.. so now.. do animatics lo :P