Thursday, June 17, 2010


**CAUTION: all the below are just her rant, don't read if u don't want to bored til death**

things had been said n done.. finally ending of my misery.. thou mon is the last day but to me.. it ends here.. to the trip.. i was extremely excited over it but decision n feelings changed in just a glance when i c something i dun like.. many of my friends who know me well, will definitely know why i am not going because i never join a trip if i feel i cant enjoy.. perhaps some think one out of 20 is a small percentage but lets recall back our peribahasa "setitik nila, rosak susu sebelanga".. i would not cont much cos everyone deserves to enjoy that include the ----.. else i'll get the label as a pot calling a kettle black..

lotsa decision came into my mind a few hours ago.. i will cont another battle.. thx to primetime for getting me more friends.. but i lost 2 things in primetime as well, one of my biggest project which cost me more than anyone had pay me.. feelings towards primetime was like love and hate.. but i would like to make a conclusion that.. i love it more than hate it.. lessons learned, friends earned which is more than earning the huge amount of money because i know money can be earn by just working but not friends.. to some whom stood by me, thx alot.. emotionally i never show how emo i am but.. to be frank now, every minute of trying to hold the emotion was like holding a cutter n slice my flesh.. through primetime i can feel an upgrade in myself.. reflecting on how i dealt with previous issue n ptime.. all the above statements are my own feelings and this is the only place where i can write my heart out.. i shall focus more on my future
time to take another leap... to somewhere else *pic loaded by blogspot n taken by lumix*

Friday, June 11, 2010


dear miss IB,
cmei will off to somewhere... she is now drained.. kindly understand her situation.. tired.. realizing 3 shots is nothing.. cmei told herself to go for more in the future.. hoping for a smoother upcoming.
thank you.

sharing my handsome boy's pic..