Monday, August 31, 2009

~Reporting live at genting~

omg this genting international showroom memang not bad... lol.. i can actually blog here.. haha... but currently can only blog pic taken wif my hp.. lol.. domo -mei came along.. morning v took bus from 1u then to skyway cable car then nee meet up parents n makan makan kat ah yat restaurant.. cant blog bout my lunch here.. cos pics yet to upload.. lol..

on our way to genting in rm8.50 bus at 9am

lol... reporting live in the hall.. now competition still on..

ok.. gtg,, mom gonna kill me.. lol... lalalala~~~

later do report in hotel.. yeah,,, T_T

~random number 5~

recently feels so random.. by right i shud be doin my final report.. but here i am blogging my randomness.. so far.. not even 40% is done.. wahaha.. watever.. cos i hv confidence i can do it.. lol.. jus use more of my sleeping time will do... lalala~~

internship ended.. the emptiness suddenly popped up.. since 4months ago if i were to wake up at this time.. i would be doing pops, wobblers or newsletter but here i am.. typing my final report about internship.. it is pretty much a good experience in sony, i'll elaborate more soon as i reach pg.. means this weekend will update la... gonna miss every1 so much...

next random is... looking at kigo... lol.. suddenly thought of ah wong.. so he was named ah wong.. do not pronounce ah wong like that tvb series.. pronounce it wif a hype.. hahaha...

will be meeting papa mama n 99% human error aka my personal advisor on comps aka bro.. gosh 3 months since i go back to penang.. i can feel how they misses me.. lol... n of cos i miss them too..
2yrs ago.. i made this suprise cake to welcome parents back from taiwan.. lol.. mom looks sleepy, lucky as usual very excited when he spot food... cuteness.. arr :P

another suprise bout this cake is.. texture like kuih.. lol.. hard.. n greedy person like me.. put too much of BIG pieces of Strawberry and huge amt of choco top to glazed the cake.. lol.. ended up when king n queen cut the very very hard cake.. all the strawberry squeezed out from the side... T_T

king n queen sing k.. celebrate their anniversary n oso papa bday... weee~~

yesh v loves singing k... i loves it so so much.. lol.. last fri right after work.. went to sing wif intern gang.. lol.. remember ah leng geh anak murid broke the glass at the moment i ss til very very high... lol... *blush*

thats all for now.. better cont that report.. lol..

**both pics were taken wif lumix
**goin2 bath now n prepare to sit bus to genting.. wahaha...

Friday, August 21, 2009

~random number 4~

yesterday's randomness was different from this,.. random wif numbers means its bout my thought.. yesterday's was i miss baby lucky n too free in office.. haha.. now its 0106.. wow my number.. i jus dun feel like sleeping.. lol.. met up wif "mom" n lrt at 1u jus now.. on my way.. was a traumatic drive thou.. an-almost-accident.. totally lost my mind.. luckily i din follow near.. if not.. sure knock.. hates rain thou.. n so lrt loves my malacca pics.. wahaha.. thx.. which at the same time reminds me of... i neva post anything bout malacca 2 trip wif domo gang back at the end of may.. as now is already 1am.. i jus took a pic.. which i really like back in that trip.. a pic taken by some1 without tripod... i miss my tripod so much..

malacca river..
personally i loves this pic.. dun ask me why.. ^o^

my camua babea was dancing to snap this piece thou..was taken wen i suddenly.. ermm.. feels cold?? haha.. i oso not sure.. but was enjoying playing wif my camua babea.. aww that trip every1 was holding a dslr... except for boss winn.. the trip.. makan makan.. jalan jalan.. 2 cars 8 ppl.. i miss it lots lots.. i loves trips... wahaha.. who don't >.< oh yeah.. back in hotel.. another pic to share.. lol..
hail domomei... wahahaha..
hail the domomei... wahahaha.. she rules.. *boogen boogen*

anyway,, wish i will blog an official post bout malacca trip.. oh yeah. v belum share pics.. pics.. wahaha..

**gosh now is 0123
**sleep 1st...
**tomoro work.. >.<"
**sadness for this weekend is.. agama outing cancel..
**currently not emo.. jus abit trauma.. hope i can sleep..T_T
**bye... peace..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


all a sudden feels like blogging.. damn.. super sleepy now.. been long time since i din sleep for assignment.. yesterday was a blast... wahahaha.. mood was pretty bad in the morning as ai crashed while i save that damn handycam POP... morning some ppl jus asking some of my sacarsticism.. i gave her some.. she deserve it thou.. always c my supervisor n manager not around, they will come attack me.. babiness.. sorry la.. no more miss goody goody.. summore supervisor asked me to ignore some of them... wahahaha... lalalala~~~~.. work from 4am til now.. doom doom.. since leopea wif me.. i keep viewing lucky's pickas.. i c cuteness... wahahaha..

my deary baby

okla.. cont working.. but do wat?? ish rushing works.. now i got nothing to do.. skipped lunch, called mom n chatted... darnnn nothing to do makes me even more sleepy... gosh colleagues r too nice.. cos feeding me wif food.. lol... having a feast now... byez...
**tiredness.. =.="
**1st time blog in office..
**one pic... lucky baby... awww cuteness
**hope i dun fall asleep.. @.@

Sunday, August 9, 2009

~the getaway sunset~

from the previous post.. getting away from kl alone was a sudden idea.. its becos.. wen i sad or wat.. i need beach or somewhere with lake or watever.. alone.. tot of pulau ketam but decision changed due to the cruelty towards dogs by the people over there.. some might think i'm very shallow over that issue.. but i strongly n super disagree with their decision on dumping the poor dogs to that "island of dead" or watever they name it.. thou i had lotsa nice n happy memory there.. but i dun feel like goin pulau ketam anymore... cos of that 1 case.. anyway.. randomly i plucked in my ext hdd.. n look at our p.ketam moments..

the 5 of us ^o^ *shooting star*

i had no idea wat were v doin.. but v definitely ss-ing around

*remember this ma??* this pic was.. i set up 10sec remote snap of myself acting emo.. n so.. these 4 cheeky gals.. took over my camera.. T_T... but this pic very cute.. lol..

our shooting experience was a real nice 1.. v submitted our video to astro nextgen contest, thou v did not win anything but this is a new experience for us, to produce, direct, shoot, act, collaborate.. n most of all. v ss really alot... ^o^

back to my getaway.. sunset was still the best moment of the day.. i still prefer sunset over sunrise.. this pd trip sunset was very short compared to the 1 i'm in kampar mayb becos it was real cloudy day.. its been a long time since i use manual program in my camera.. becos the sky was too bright during sunset.. i changed my av mode to M to get a better result of sunset pics..

a pic of lil domo..
pretending as if she's a hermit crab.. lalala~

still on my mat under some unknown tree.. lying n lazying..

without filter on.. ^o^ some emo passer by.. *i assumed*

with filter.. that kid somehow looks ghostly in this pic =.=

domo waved bye bye to mr sun..


finally i turned on baby flash.. which was an unusual action i will take..

many scolded me for running out of my mind for going there alone.. i appreciate all the scoldings.. but this is me.. some1 who dun think as much wen her mind is clutted.. but after this pd trip.. i feel so much better.. its like again.. i buried emoness onto those beach.. i'm jus an island gal.. emo go to beach.. but this kl no beach.. T_T... sometimes i really need to close one eye n let things be wat it will be.. i hope this lately happiness will last forever but deep down i know it wont.. i jus wan2 b the shallow n ignorant IB.. can i?

**do u think wif filter pic nicer or the 1 without?
**guess wat filter i used..*mystery prize will be given to the 1st who answer correct*
**oh ya today is sunday T_T

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

~her getaway~

weeks ago.. well.. super duper down.. unwanted this happens.. things happen with reasons, it happened.. so many things come at once.. desperately wan2 get myself away from everything.. yeah i meant it.. did it too.. i need to get out from kl city.. work stress, something that bothers me.. which i really no eyes c.. n i did it.. i closed my eyes.. haha.. work was so bad last 2weeks.. found out something.. yeah.. truth hurts but jus accept the fact.. in plurk.. some suggested a getaway.. gosh it struck my mind.. i jus click on google.. n get a google map.. n off i go.. to port dickson.. wif 1.5l water, a book, touch n go, pump petrol, camua babea n some companion in "hero".. some might think i;m crazy.. perhaps that time i was totally out of my mind.. i jus wanted some time alone.. to somewhere no one know who the hell i am.. somewhere with breeze..

went to UTAR return some books.. then off i go.. put on my shade.. yeah...
my journey beginss... some photo to share ^o^
at seremban tourist stop by.. information booth

it was so heaty til the ground cracked..

*hero* brought me there.. i then go pray..^o^

one side of the entrance

kuan yin.. a quick snap.. then go in temple to pray

a pic wif domo somewhere around the temple ^o^

left temple.. head to somewhere.. but i dunno where.. lol.. temple was right after roundabout.. so i jus stop by.. ok.. i jus straight go n c wat can i find.. i wan nice beach... reach to a sign board stated "blue lagoon" sound nice to me.. n so.. i jus follow.. was pretty crowded.. cos it was am bank teambuilding day... feels safer too..
found a nice cozy place under a pine tree.. my companion of the day..

that was domo 1st time step on sand.. 1st time go to beach..

my view wen i look up.. mind was lost... branches.. blurness..

the kid that i played wif..

that auntie ask me y.. "amoi kenapa pucat?" lol.. i replied in a funny way.. kerana belum makan.. haha.. so.. time to leave blue lagoon n hunt for food.. but b4 that.. i did not show pics of the sea.. hehe.. there u go..

pd_blue lagoon
a panaroma view of the other side of blue lagoon.. was so so windy ^o^

the last picture at blue lagoon...

this is mr 9.. he used to b sad.. but now he is a happy doggy ^o^

bye blue lagoon... hi makan place..
super hungry waiting for our food... perhaps the aunty was right.. i looked pale.. zzz..
the photoshop effects i used.. make me more pale too.. wahaha

gosh today is such a happy day.. sms always make my day.. but today was slightly different.. its like encouragement sms..
*mr evilsmirk* aka md prefer my work rather than agency.. wahahaha... morning was great too.. supervisor bought me a cup of hot cocoa from starbucks.. ^o^.. cold day wif hot cocoa.. perfect match.. thankiu... thou i know u wont come across this.. hahaha.. things get better after my getaway.. i shud go pray n thx to the temple.. ermm.. i know i'm superstitious.. lalalala~~ for me goin there alone.. i know its crazy n many would have stop me if i tell this earlier.. but i jus need a getaway.. a beach.. some time to cool myself down.. n now here i am.. back wif a smile..

there's more pics to come.. i kinda like the sunset too.. thou it was short.. haha.. n the filter i used.. i like the effect... teehehehe...

**route to PD was easy.. lol.. i was on the right track all the way from pj til pd ^o^
**so long.. will update when i'm free
**pics were randomly photoshop or some left untouched.. due to laziness.. haha..
**that was my 1st try on panaroma in photoshop cs3.. haha..
**bye bye.. do miss me..