Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Day Out-Shopaholic!

Talked bout Masuki lotsa times in the past but never pay them a visit... Today paid them a visit to grab our lunch *kels, pei & me*

1st impression was.. *with our jaw drop* >.<" because all the waitress are hokkien speaking aunties and pretty rude as well. Their layout makes me so_not_interested in snapping some shots of the environment. The food did some blink on us.. with the price range of 15-24 *the food that we ordered* its ok as at the end of our lunch, a scoop of haegan dazz is served :D

while waiting for the food, a cup of ocha is served

my seafood set_ RM24 + 15% tax *the mushroom is not in my set thou*

I did not post the scoops of ice cream because i feel the pictures are not nice althou the food there are pretty good.. i would rate them as 3.5/5. Their points pull up all because of the food.. The workers are... zzz

Proceed to prangin mall.. oh my goodness.. warehouse sale!! slurged on nike perfume *ok my gucci almost finish* then bought mom a set of blusher *50%* As we walk.. i buy nail polish and a ring *all in turqoise color!!* since i bought mom a blusher.. then i buy dad his wasabi green beans :P trying hard to be fair.. hehe

I'm so in love with turqoise recently.. Come i share the picture here.. did not snap the flower ring and nail polish thou :P

say hello to my pretty turqoise bottle :D

the turqoise bag ^_^ so cute... hehe

*did not snap the restaurant and place coordinate because i'm not a flogger :D
*tomorrow is monday = work
*broke oh broke ><
*conclusion happy weekend

Friday, March 11, 2011

New sport shoes-miss turqoise

Loved turqoise since i was form 3,,, if you know me back then, my whole pencil box stationaries are in turqoise or violet.. had bad experience with nike for 4 years.. no kidding, 4 years of wearing.. it still 'bite' cut me..

please say hi to my new beauty
owhh.. beauty.. *manual focus wei!*

too pretty until my handsome lucky could not resist :D

went to charlotte's 1st potluck bday on last sat.. *5th March* Kam Chien my cousin 4yrs younger than me was so CUTE!! no joke.. he is the cutest 'baby' of the day.. ahahaha

have a look at cutie pie Kam Chien
kam chien-pola
now you believe me? he is cute :D

Besides that, i was in such dilemma whether should i go to this year's hot air balloon.. i chose not to go at the end cos of our end of may getaway *hearts* but at the same time i am joining YAS to 'walk to stop sexual crime' on 19th March 2011, at Queensbay mall.. join us if you are free on that day.. We even made a banner for the event,,
walk to stop sexual crime
we drew, we painted and will walk together with our beautiful banner ^__^

This 28th of March is my handsome lucky's birthday.. but yeah i cannot do countdown for him because he 'pantang' ><
say hi to my handsome-almost-snooze-off-baby lucky ^_^

not to forget my 9months old lil nephew.. cheeky as he is.. he is smart and choosy..
lil nephew snapping photo of my bears n rabbit with canon A480

may god bless the world... and hope japan earthquake will stop..

bye everyone and have a good weekend..

Friday, March 4, 2011


life of working.. every tuesday, wednesday and friday will have my lunch in the office.. either i will cook or maybe buy outside.. since so many time left, we either play cards, color mandala or one of us do presentation..

Talking about mandala, its something related to sacred or sanskrit stuff that its about finding your own peace of mind... with the concept everything in this world is in a form of circle.. Mandala is believed to have the healing and destress effect for us.. so why not give it a try :D

For the first session, i did not get to join as i was away from work enjoying my sick leave.. but i got my 1st mandala done on this tuesday.. What i learn from this mandala is that.. choose the simplest to color, then i can get it done fast =P

Tadaaa.. our kindergarden section of workplace :D
all of our mandala

my mandala! *non-edit*

processed in poladroid =P *too lazy to photoshop*

*Rationale/What i've learn: Life is about making choices. Never afraid of making mistake or refrain yourself from trying new things. Else you won't know what you will be in the future.

Colors of life,
By Cmei

*Conclusion from mandala> i kind of feel very happy after that because i love coloring. at least my life is not just design and design :D
*that's all for now..
*oh ya.. i've learnt html and css from scratch!! thx to Andrea :D.. thx alot if you encounter this blog.. i appreciate it alot.. *worship*
*html and css will soon be my best friend