Friday, May 20, 2011

Hero Turned Weak

Its already may.. again, i've abandoned my blog for 2months.. dear blog, i'm sorry...
this month.. hero broke down twice.. *ouch*.. but we are lucky that both time we have angels helped us out.. once was after pei's bday celebration.. another one was this evening after work.. i'm really grateful having u guys helping me out.. and wow... i drove a man-moved car too.. the 3 hunks push the car back to the factory, while i helped hero by turning the wheels..

may is a fruitful month to me.. nephew 1st bday..
baby with his mommy aka my big sis.. *promised baby that i will buy him a crown.. and so i did :)

sis made him a year book.. cover used the cloth i bought for him on his 3rd month ^_^

u see.. my nephew is a real hunk-to-be, chew drumstick with style ok! :D

celebrate mothers' day.. i assume.. the dinner in double good was for mothers' day.. thou the restaurant named double good but quality for the food is double bad.. price was a burnt too.. rm178 for small lil steam fish, some very not tasty deer meat, a few pieces of vege, tofu and chicken or pork.. i cant remember because the food had not reason for me to remember.. not amazing.. with no wow.. personally.. if u wan2 go double good, you shud go to fong yuen.. taste better..

so looking forward to my trip.. another annual trip with my dear ss company.. going to meet noobs in singapore.. back kl for korean bbq.. then next go to meet liyit at mv.. then go back pg.. life is sinfully good :D i just love the way ppl tell me how they misses me and i feel the same.. :)