Thursday, April 8, 2010

~call me noob~

never had i thought that i was totally cut off.. call me noob for being so naive and thought everything is back to normal.. i never ask for respect but at the same time pls don't sarcast me or fake things around.. somehow i failed keep my emotion stable early in the morning *sorry purple white checker that i broke my promise*.. this is just too hurtful for ms IB to accept the cruel facts..

mixed filters from photoshop..

there goes my 99th post in this blog.. another beyond my expectation..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


feeling cheesy.. but at least today cleared my suspicion towards an issue which i had in mind weeks ago.. another yes to my instinct.. the feeling of anger is not what i feel now but doubting on current situation.. suddenly i feel everything so fake.. overcame my ego, that i've made a few steps to straighten things up and then the green lite on net somehow re-appeared.. but the blue lite tells everything.. it can be done without my consent but can never be undone without my assent..

setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga.. *nothing to do with this random picture*

done with law.. lets concentrate on fyp and interactive multimedia..

**i'm not emo but having the cheesy feeling
**----------------------------------... *doh*
**lol.. speechless..

Friday, April 2, 2010


abit of depression towards my dvd that i've bought.. received a call from popular 1week ago.. ask me to claim for my refund.. i seriously not looking for a refund.. i wanted the dvd badly T__T another credit is that i'm getting 'brother' cd tomorrow.. just an exchange :P..

i only support ori!! wahaha..

the concert dvd got prob >.<" the 'extra' nothing wrong.. simply love it ^^

will hunt for this dvd AGAIN... maybe not in malaysia.. or bla bla bla.. talking bout searching for dvd.. reminds me of my cd.. boyzone's where we belong.. if anyone can find it for me with condition its original and still new.. i will pay extra 20bucks.. or *slave myself for 3days to get it(condition if i agree to do so) T__T.. i am serious.. i even told a friend of mine.. my eyes wont close tight if i die without owning that album..

where we belong
image of the album.. please help me find this.. seriously wanted this cd since my cassette died..*album name: where we belong*

**pics from A480..
**too much of law.. my condition for being slave is subject to change without prior notice*
**tomorrow's mission.. gakken construction ^_^
**battery grip is dead.. still under warranty thou :P