Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Travel: Walking alone in a warm hot night at Singapore

Today marks the 3rd day i'm in Singapore.. 10-12 was with parents and sis+hubby+bb,., then i continue my trip alone as i extended 2nights... Ending my 2011 nicely, i wish... Lotsa things happened this year.. pleasant ones and some not-so-pleasant.. Sometimes it's not what we want or wish, things happened unexpectedly... Learning to accept the fact that broken glasses cant be mend was hard but i think i'm doing great...

My last trip alone was driving to port dickson from petaling jaya,. after that everything was so nice and happy.. I feel real nice walking around and meeting friends here... at the same time i miss lil lucky and yea... some particular-one :)

So this is where i stay
Pillow and Toast- The attic wall
Where should i go tomorrow? ahahaha... bugis shopping? botanical garden? orchard? so nice.. and it will be better if i am damn rich ><

Good night people.. i shall sleep no matter how hot the room is >< sadz roommates.. they r cold and i am so hot ><