Saturday, February 28, 2009

~fun o'k~

during chap goh meh eve.. et n i went to cheras to suprise kg for her bday.. oh ya.. my 1st time go to cheras.. b4 that.. in pg, i actually gave her a super advance bday cake wif pei n kah wei dee..

the brownie from bread history..

then back to chap goh meh eve... brought her present all the way from pj to cheras.. 2 hours ++ journey..

too bad seal finish stock.. so i bought this... cute oso right?? *pic taken in my mini room*

and oso brought this all the way to cheras oso.. *big apple doughnut which dun hv apple*

then reach her place.. zzz.. i saw her.. she din c me.. i squat down so hot.. then i come out only she realize me n et oso there.. haha.. then v wrote the card on the spot.. pressie given by me, et, cath n pei.. v then head to FUN O'K...

ss alot over there.. err especially me.. i like the decoration over there but not the food.. the deco n concept is almost same wif the genting klang place where mr n ms G(s) brought us there for portugese cheese bake rice.. where v can play uno, kids games, pick up stick.. oh well u name it..

here some pic v ss... haha..
Picture 1
i super like this pink panther.. lalala... so nice..

then the toilet really special.. which made me ss super much inside out the toilet.. interior of ladies.. hands of mannequin all over.. male toilet.. the painting was really interesting.. male toilet in blue n no long mirror...
Picture 2 copy
well i know.. i ss super much.. mood was pretty nice that day.. haha..

gosh.. end of feb.. one thing i realise after i post this blog.. i haven't blog bout my own bday... haha.. tenji desserts n taman jaya chap goh meh... pulau ketam.. oopppss long to b list... my god... b4 i end this post.. somehow,, i dunno y.. i super like the clip buaya i saw in pulau ketam..
crocodile clip
haha.. i super like this clip buaya.. i jus dunno y...

**i start to like stuff without knowing y am i liking it...

Friday, February 27, 2009

~tenji @ Mont Kiara~

back in chap goh meh 2009... 6 of us went to tenji... pre-chap goh meh... at 1.30am... babi called T__T was dreaming ler.. mood was pretty good on pre-chap goh meh.. n thx god.. i din sleep after the call if not i'll forget bout everything,,, ok.. back to tenji... b4 tenji last few post i posted bout desa park city kan... forget to tell ppl.. kena buli oleh pembuli besar cos keep pop in wen i snap gambar..

pembuli besar
his name is>> pembuli besar

ok.. after meet egg... v soon go to mont kiara... teeheehee.. very excited.. 1st time meet egg n oso pi mont kiara... til now i still have no idea how to go mont kiara.. lalala.. ok.. post some pics of the food.. main n appetizer.. dessert next post la..

fresh oyster.. i din take it cos after jogoya super size oyster.. i think i had enuf of fresh oyster..

lets proceed to more sashimi..
*fresh ebi*.. slurp slurp

*white tuna*

*our sashimi* 1st time i tak take extra octopus.. cos.. not fresh T__T

*sushi* the sushi rice not recommended.. cos.. tak sedap..

*smoke salmon* highly recommended.. cos sangat sedap

*soba-udon* nice to c n snap...

*seafood chowder wif puff* highly recommended again.. very nice.. haha

*pasta* lotsa varieties but this was the best..

at night.. i think after 7pm.. this fella came out.. i think he looks like jayhan.. or known as mr cookie man...
"jayhan cutting lamb".. hahaha..

*anchovies* weird but true.. they served anchovies.. i did not take any cos too full..

*view from tenji* too bad can use slow shutter for nicer effect cos no tripod.. sigh...

**desserts coming soon.. but not so soon... cos line not stable and oso i will post something else b4 dessert kua.. and oso chap goh meh... c ya... sigh.. i cant on9.. babi betul.. benci benci.. i hope to on9 soon... sobs sobs..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~back from far far away land~

happy moment passed extremely fast.. n now i'm back from far far away land.. had fun shooting, making expressions.. n playing.. eat n play... thx to god and law of attraction.. during shooting there's no rain.. everything went smoothly.. hopefully it really very smoothly til the end..

yesterday had dinner, small chats, buy stuff, ss, supper and small chats til bout 2am... every1 sleep soundly but no one snores.. teehehehe.. every hour i will b awake... which makes me feel even more tired.. 20 n ailin woke up pretty early.. i guess the room was far too cold... i dun like to sleep in air cond room.. zzz..

no salted egg york today...
but this is wat i snap at 655am..

lens was not in good condition as room too cold.. vapor made themselves comfortably on my camua babea kit lens.. babi them!!

then v went for small shopping for our breakfast.. and rented a bicycle for our shooting.. as for me.. i'll do something else..
*she went shopping*

then v went further... found a nice place to ss abit... abit only ^o^
there she goes... look emo...

thats all for today.. need to sleep more... need to filter more pics... need to psd some of the pics.. need to do clare's work n limsj mascot.. so day was long n tiring... but i'm very happy.. in very good mood now.. ^o^

Monday, February 23, 2009

~away to far far away~

tomoro n wed.. i'll wont be around.. no msn.. n oso no phone call.. to a place where i shud head to for something... at the same time.. i hope to relax n clear my mind.. too much of everything in my mind.. the confusion.. the workloadsss, internship.. even.. err financial.. n my bad time management.. too much of stressful life in city.. too much.. awww i really miss home.. every time after talk on phone wif mom.. how i wish i can have my head pat.. n cuddle my lucky boy..

tomoro i hope to c "ah girl" again...
her name is *ah girl*.. our tour guide n protector??

i dunno y ah girl lead us?? each time v stop to snap pics.. she'll stop n look at us.. everytime.. so sweet of her.. she can make the type of facial emo.. to make u feel that she is hungry.. well she cast the spell.. there she go.. she had the whole sausage bread for herself.. n the cutest part is.. she choose all the mixed vege n "puuii" to the floor.. i dun hv those pic.. grrrhhh... hope to c her tomoro again ^o^.. i dun wan2 c the other aggressive dogs.. scary.. only ah girl

so where am i heading to?? this following picture.. where i will be..
aww... i love the blue sky wif white clouds.. *1st time take pic using overexposure*

my mind is jus like this pic.. too much branches.. no direction.. T__T

hope to get back my feet on the ground.. heading to a place without connection to outside world.. no high tech stuff.. all i need is to have my mind clear..

**tenji main course will b up soon after my trip.. too much pic too choose.. sorry..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

~tea time~

today walk home alone.. so so hot.. hotty hotty.. arrgghh.. suddenly feel mau makan dessert.. keke.. hungry lo.. cos morning 10sumting makan.. n tahan til 2 sumting jor... as i walk home.. saw food foundry n remember the multiple layers of crepe which i havent try.. had an embarrass time there b4.. haha.. but this time.. i decide to buy.. oh well.. price is.. rm9 per piece..

choco mille crepe
the chocolate flavored which many recommended..

strawberry mille crepe
this is strawberry mille crepe.. i like it alot ler.. light n abit sour..


eat while drinking some hot coffee.. nice nice

jus look at the layers..


happily cut it and have my 1st mouth... omg... flew to heaven...

**self entertaining at home
**practise for product photoshoot
**will choose some to my portfolio... hopefully ^o^


Picture 6
time spent on this pic.. approximately 40minutes.. zzz.. bye bye
jus wan2 share b4 i sleep... lalalala.. our class studio pic..

Friday, February 20, 2009

~power of bluetooth~

history of art 2... omg. a class that i really will fall asleep whenever lecturer speak... yesterday was pretty funny.. did not tertidur but some one sent me things thru bluetooth... i forget to off my bluetooth... since... a week ago i guess.. the last time i on my bluetooth was for flash assignment... ok.. wat did i receive n who so free sent me bluetooth?? 1st tot was.. virus?? arrrgghhh.. then c the sender... ok.. shud b ok kua.. from front left a few front... there go the sender laughing n smiling...

who is him?? tadaaa... TADAAA.. lol...
omg... this is wat i received.. **scary hor**

soon after this picture.. mr cookie man sent me some jpeg file.. lol... n start to talk... errmmm thru bluetooth... *good thing bout bluetooth,, its free!!!*
1st picture receive... well i replied.. but in rtf format.. but he cant c.. >.<" lol.. this is his reply.. cos cannot c my reply ^o^
this actually he cant c... cos was in rtf format..
lol... still cannot view
there come my reply... lol... at last.. @.@
no offense.. but her lecture really is an effective sleeping pill.. any1 with insomia pls attend my history of arts n design 2... T__T
lol... i oso insert some pic la.. since me using photoshop to reply ^o^
end of our conversation...

thx god there's bluetooth invented.. free conversation without any1 notice.. 2nd time i din sleep in lecture.. 1st time was assignment.. this time pula chatting thru bluetooth.. devices in used was, my leopea n his lg cookie.. thou she is a dedicated lecturer.. but i cant pay attention to her.. mayb cos her pronounciation and way of speaking.. sometimes she speak mandarin T___T... i cant understand at times...

**aiks lazy insert 1 picture.. haha.. mr pembuli who kept pop into my camera during desa park city @.@.. T__T buhuhu...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~a post for dai meng seng~

was supposed to post this yesterday but too busy to do assignment.. let me intro abit bout the title..
1st dai meng seng means big star/super star/idol..
who r they??
both of them are plurkers.. dai meng seng in plurk..
and they are...
Strawberry and kim kim *pics taken from strawberry page with permission*

ladies first...

then the gentlemen turn..

enjoy the video ya.. oh ya.. those video are their final year project.. love can from kim's group n symptom by munster group...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~rays and clouds~

since chinese new year.. weather is not jus hot but... FREAKING HOT... walking back home after tutorial n lecture is even worst.. whole body sweat.. reach home cold shower.. after shower sweat again... this kind of condition makes me really lazy to do just anything... oh ya intuition today will always be very accurate... 18 february.. this year slightly different.. i'm not moody.. but still intuition tells.. no lens for today.. as jus now they said potrait lens coming today.. that bloody prodigital.. last week i waited for 4bloody hours.. this week they again giving empty words.. if only every1 go slap them.. those uncles.. arrogant and attitude probs..

skip prodigital.. say oso feel kek hei.. sei uncles

jus the last day of chinese new year, a group of us with a sudden plan... wans to go tenji.. for buffet.. really sudden til... middle of the night at 130am... morning call.. T___T.. not that i wan2 show any pics of food here.. cos too many til i havent choose.. but b4 v go tenji.. v went to desa park city where most ppl's dream hse were located there...

eyes really opened.. those houses... awww.... how i hope i have a unit there too.. apart from that the weather on that day, oh well pretty hot.. hotty hotty... but... behind the clouds... mr sun shone on us.. this time.. v see rays of lights.. imagine if there's another double spectrum.. then it'll b perfect..
that irritating avanza behind the tree.. ish!!
jus look at those sun rays...
sky getting gloomy... after v cabut.. it rains
in eGg_gy's car... on our way to tenji.. somewhere in mont kiara
lots lotsa clouds.. i love clouds.. ^o^

that was a nice day.. 1st time meet eGg_gy.. found that v do have lots in common... oh tenji was not bad except the smelly air cooler... if i were to compare with jogoya.. i will go tenji 2nd time.. cos they let us snap pics everywhere n from 6 v can makan til shop tutup.. jogoya was very irritating becos they let us in for.. less than 2hours only... then.. they shooo us..

Sunday, February 15, 2009


a day after... valentine neva mean much to me.. yrs back.. my valentines normally spent wif my gals or camp preparation.. this year had lunch with +2 at 1u.. main purpose v go there was to get detergent.. was so desperate til v almost forget to buy it..

ordered a cupcake from utar.. bought some cuter cupcakes from 1u where they have some roadshow to sell all those lovey dovey stuff.. i dunno if i'm too sensitive or watsoever.. i notice.. during valentine so many wore couple t.. some hug n peck in the middle of nowhere.. which is so euiii euiie euiii... yesterday was infact one of the nice day despite from almost argue wif the melted make-up ugly fugly june... had a heart to heart discussion bout relationship, guys and gals.. with poe, 20, mg... n t3 taiko??.. then after +2 group finish discussion.. v head to 1u... teeheehee..very light meal...
the cupcake by the utarians for some fundraising... very good courtesy of them..
they even gave me a card... i asked them to write "happy self-SS".. i know i ss.. haha
this is wat i get from the road show... lil cupcakes by wondermilk.. they r too cute to b chew
this rose cupcake is the main that attracted me get this box of cupcakes
the love...
the cutie pie with cupacake2 cuties wif them
all of them... in a whole..

thats all for today.. as for now.. i will remask my flashie 1st.. adios to all..