Sunday, December 27, 2009

~a safe journey dedication~

just sent sy at the airport.. been 3yrs since we get to know each other.. she's been like a sister to me n occassionally someone i seek to when i need an ear for me to grumble bout stuff.. we'll meet again for sure.. n of cos in msn.. hope u have another wonderful journey ahead and achieve ur dream in no time..

Picture 3
just a very small gift for her..

hope u can guess the purpose of the gift ya.. take care ya.. will miss u.. all the best for ur future undertakings and best of luck.. till we meet again

Saturday, December 26, 2009


This yr xmas hippie theme was cancelled due to no indoor place for us to get_together but no place did not stop us from getting together thou.. so i changed it to beach bbq instead.. kayc suggested handmade wen ange ask for exchange gift.. i feel its a wonderful idea n much more meaningful than buying gift.. n of cos.. the old old freebie towel i got last year was the biggest joke of the century*skip this*..

n so no theme to follow.. but 1st time bbq with fren i marinate chic wings.. go shopping for food together with frens was a nice thing to do especially if v r those who like to check for best value.. as usual go back old hse area to get charcoal n chicken wire.. will talk more of bbq if i get those pic asap..

was a rush to make the xmas gift n had slight difficulties doin it too as my sewing kit is in pj mini room.. zzz.. the prob of staying in 2 different hse.. another prob i faced was.. the pretty deep cut on my finger a day b4 xmas during my cooking session.. at that moment i start sewing.. i can feel the pain of those drama ppl who forfeited to get their fingers kepit *sorry limited eng vocab* plurk oso nmt wan2 kepit my fingers.. zzz.. i need my fingers to survive.. really.. haha..

this is the keychain i sew yesterday morning..
tic_tac_smile ^o^

tot of wrapping this with a canvas pouch n then.. again my canvas is in mini room =.=" change plan, use those synthetic wrapper n sew it to make a pouch out of it.. candy cane slotted in to make this gift a more colorful n joyful packaging..

mind my bokeh-ed fingers.. was a rush snapping this cos genie almost reach my place dee..

preparing fire was tougher yesterday.. as wind pretty strong.. but of cos fire is well lighted.. cos hole was pretty deep, thx to pei, kah wei n genie to dig it.. it was such a nice chit chatting n laugh til ermmm almost... almost... i did not bring camua to snap pic as i know i will bbq chic wings.. i dun wan2 dirty my camua with chicken smell on its body.. waiting for some nice pic from the girls.. too bad i did not drunk after 2 or 3 shots of vodka.. way walking to the hotel toilet was crazy.. again v need to escape from those guards.. all the way.. we were talking bout bladder, n just anything.. even dunno how.. i suddenly talk bout mermaid n sang like one.. haha... lame-ness but the laughters really almost kill me.. it was so long since i was out from home in pg til almost 3 in the morning..

b4 back i was real happy knowing that my present was something for them to eye on b4 they even see wats that.. haha.. i got a box of eclairs from blian.. not handmade? exception for her n et cos everyday work til so late.. anyway yesterday was a real blast.. until i sleep at 530am.. then awake at 830am to accompany mom n sis to market then look in extreme awful in queensbay.. today met joanne n jaycelyn.. T__T i looked extremely awful.. this is the only sad thing at the moment..

**waiting for picka from them
**butt pain cos yesterday sit at the same spot from 6pm++ til midnight.. zzz
**lazying around again
**waiting for my short trip ^^
**feels hot n cold
**officially sore_throat n non stop cough.. good for me T__T
**every1.. merry xmas n happy new yr..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

~eve dinner~

its xmas now.. 12 am.. since last year.. i've spend day of my eve at home.. accompany mom cos mom always alone at this festive season.. bought those bacon since last week.. then jus now went to econsave get some fresh vege to cook.. idea for this black pepper fried spagetti is from a tv cook show i watch few months ago.. n so i add some ingredients to make my own.. from beef, change to chic dice, then add some capsicum, shitake and carrot..

baked all those bacon.. oh god.. been chewing it b4 everything else cooked... but who cares.. lol..

n this is the result of black pepper spag..
my 1st time black pepper stir fry.. absolutely love it.. dad loves it too..

apart from this dish.. i've created a side dish too.. name it as boom-tato which means boom potato.. made 3 cos today dad joined for dinner.. ^^.. dad told his frens that his daughter cooking.. haha..

this is boom_tato.. lol..
opened the boom_tato.. wrapped with bacon n sprinkled with mushroom bits.. mom kinda like this

thats my cook for this yr.. suprisingly no desserts.. yet... haha.. been too lazy make cos i failed to buy that cutter!!!!! cis.. but batik cake n cheese cake is coming soon.. haha..

fetch dad to meet up with his frens then go gurney with mom to buy coconut water then pass hp to piggy sis whom keeps forget her phone.. zzz.. back home lazy-ing around..

oppss.. i havent make my gift exchange present.. bye all

** all fonts r different.. haha.. cos i dunno which to choose.. but after that i prefer the 1st pic font.. wat u think?
** still waiting for present T__T, p/s: me is a very very good girl :P
** pray tomoro no rain pls.. pls... pls..
** where is compact cam charger??
**merry xmas to all**

Sunday, December 20, 2009

~sinful attacks~

suddenly in mood of posting my sinfulness, ss n some festive pic.. ppl might think i'm so damn free now.. erm i shall say.. YES!!! i'm free thou i got some work to do but i jus put those work aside.. pretty good mood today i should announce.. DP, mom says yes to me dee.. hope v are able to contact.. keke.. *secret*... lalalala~~

left mom n i dinner jus now.. so went to tesco to make some sin.. purchase it.. burned a small hole in my pocket again but i would say.. the aroma n taste of it worth the burning.. haha..
the 400gm of bacon streak!!!
*pic taken with 50mm + help from my w705 touchlight cos the light at particular space at home burnt n cannot on =.=*

words said n done for certain stuff,, kinda happy.. anyway.. lost another job.. whenever i'm back in pg.. i will hv some job.. darn >.<" hippie hippie all over my mind.. hope that will happen thou... haha.. dated bro to webcam on thung chit dinner.. bro at kl alone,, no tong yuen for him this year.. kesian giler.. happy days was all over me this few weeks.. last week was awesome.. its 1st time i stay in pj almost 5days after i pass up my fyp component 1.. outings definitely makes me happy. well who dun like it.. hole is hole but since happy,, will not care much la.. some pics of happiness taken.. 1u, klcc, curve, ikano, timesquare, sg wang n pavilion displays.. but will only post some of it thou.. haha.. lazy to upload pic from hp..

this pic edited n look as if its wrapped.. *e-present for all my blog visitor__ thx for visiting, comments r welc.. haha*

no fish eye lens? try this.. haha..

haha.. i was stalked while ss-ing with xmas ball.. *pls note.. purposely sign up photobucket to load this animated image.. hahaha..*

lonely bear bear at ikea.. reminds me of ms ib..
bad things bout nowadays ppl is.. they let their kids take anything they like then jus throw wherever or whenever they dun wan.. this particular bear bear very pitiful too bad i hv no $$ buy it.. seeing bearbear alone there.. its like a lil prick to my heart..

15934_227198954433_608204433_4090319_5071924_n copy
took this pic from kelvin's fb
*too bad 20 back early n sweecheng reach late T__T.. but still 3 of us very happy n ss alot.. haha*

been to so many places this sem.. happy happy.. its rather relax to study public speaking.. haha... can i b a good speaker in future n give good speeches around the world?? i wish it will become reality.. haha.. sg wang, pavilion, ikano, 1u pics.. too lazy to post dee.. its now 1am.. n i'm still awake..

swam jus now.. icy cold water with rain dropletsss.. that really did make my day.. hehe.. i hope this kinda feeling of happiness remain forever.. ermmm pretty ignorant to want something forever.. but.. watever.. i just say only.. i can feel emoness will hunt me soon.. haha.. now my lucky over pampered which made sis abit zzz to c how manja he is.. my boy.. yeahs...

**will b back for more...
**in mood to bake n cook.. bake bake bake..
**nites every1..
**trallalalaala.... oh ya.. good luck to all frens who will take exam on coming tues.. hugs for all of u.. ^^
**looking forward for my date wif missy sy ^^

Thursday, December 17, 2009

~dear santa~

festive season now.. so much of doubts in time management n yet i still slack around.. anyway i have not get my pay.. wonders when will i get it.. skip it.. mood spoiler i would say..

anyway.. life pretty happy 5days b4 i head back pg.. endless outings which at the same time contributed in burning such big hole in my pocket.. happiness from it do seal the hole in a bit.. sometimes i'm so easy to feel satisfy but sometimes it takes a whole world just to please me.. haha.. lalalala tralalalala~~

my wall... wishing upon blink blink stars ^^
*pic taken when i was lazying on bed n snap snap using 'M'*

btw i hope santa will read my blog..

dear santa,

here i am again.. made a wish list for this year..
no.1 on my list will be an original cd that i've been hunting for years.. i meant yearsss.. since f6 til now..
its boyzone 3rd album, where we belong.. pls give me pls.. at least let me find in any store so i can buy T___T..

no.2 snow cat limited edition lomo, this become 2nd wish as polaroid that i wanted all paper discontinued.. summore i'm not into fuji cheki design althou its instant camera..
y i like this?? simple.. cos its limited edition..
haha.. i always crave for something limited.. summore this film still available.. i like white n simple design.. the cat dun look like cat anyway.. thats y i like it even more.. at least i dun 100% rely on my camua babea.. camua babea need to rest at times

no.3 a polaroid.. been crazy for this since f5 after i watch the drama.. where the lead actress get it with her n snap wherever she go..
Picture 4
a white polaroid one600 but sadly the paper discontinued.. zzz

wish that sx70 paper reproduction a success, then i will get that sleek n versatile polaroid.. wahaha.. wonder how it look like??

Picture 2
this is the transformation process.. this camera is my IDOL!!! gosh... *droolss all over*

no.4 another concert cd to my collection..
back again no matter wat
its a norm for me to buy boyzone dvd.. haha..

no.5 its an abstract wish which i hope to pass this year peacefully without any conflict, wish i will kick myself to finish some unfinish work, able to cook a fantastic xmas dinner n bake some cute cookies..

hoping santa uncle will receive my e-letter, pls grant one of my wish or wishes..

yours truly,
ms IB aka cmei

this has become a habit for me to write e-letter to santa every year in my blog.. thou not even once my wish was granted.. i will neva give up.. haha.. oh yeah.. gonna slack at home for days.. life without car in penang is harder compare to kl.. but its a good thing.. i wont spend anything much.. the visual of ronan new cd is over me but wonder if the special packaging available in malaysia.. erm cant go out survey cos wont loiter to any nearest mall in this period.. dear cd, pls b patient with me.. i will get u soon.. u know me right? i will buy only after a few months.. haha.

that all bout my crap.. jus to update my blog cos 2 weeks++ din update.. will upload n edit some pics for next post.. that if i'm in mood to do editing n uploading.. lalalalala~~

**hereby wan2 wish my fren, all the best in ur future undertakings, i wont forget u.. we will meet again in future.. *u know who u r*
**will b a real lazy xmas this year..
**hope to get my pay soon
**at least 1 or 2 wishes grant pls...
**n so... lalallaalalalala~~~

*stay tuned for some pics from me in no time

Monday, November 30, 2009

~inwardly drained~

FYP... its wat going around us lately.. especially to most of my frens.. mentally drained, physically gotten weak cos of some sleepless night.. apparently utar is so smart enuf to prepare workloads that good enuf to kill the white mice like GD students.. this sem i still consider ok.. but next sem things will b really ugly.. despite from final year project, we have 3 nerve wrecking subjects to take,, 2major which are art cyberlaw, interactive design aka web and an elective which either socialogy or media planning.. with jus 3tiny months.. v need to complete a tvc, set of corporate stuff, webpage n yes the 3 other exams + lectures.. its so funny to hear some lecturer could actually compare us with junior on handling corporate identity.. they have a group of 5 to finish, v are now one man show n v need to do 3 press ad n a poster as well + reflective essay.. dear ignorant lecturer. for whoever u r.. keep ur b*tch mouth shut.. v still hv other exam n assignment to do.. not jus fyp..

mood can be say real nice lately.. as logo n CID stuff approved.. left that tvc.. darn,, poster n press ad.. bugger!!.. as for public speaking.. i was totally shock as if thunderbolt struck right onto my head cos my outline marks was so low.. been a long period since my marks so freaking low for essay.. darn.. somehow or rather i was so devastated wif the marks given n i soon feel marks for presentation was not so fair as well.. not to b arrogant or wat.. the difference of presentation is very big but marks wise not so big.. i stil prefer how dr carmen give marks.. i feel more satisfied with the marks given..

well too sick of fyp.. while drawing.. i snapped some pics.. more in fb..
perhaps the title shud b "ut*r the murderer.."

apart from all this ranting.. i do hv great time last weekend^^.. jus like "gong sam gai" says every sadness n hardness still a dot of sweetness.. haha..
mini room sunset
a very nice-after-sunset picka.. taken from my mini room wif my camua hanging in the air..

**up next will b my wishlist..
**idea from a fren.. lol.. u shud make my wish come true too.. hahaha
**i shall kill fyp not fyp kill me..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

~toffee nut frap~

at the edge of 2009.. n here come those xmas display.. n of cos starbucks neva fail to intro some new drinks.. sitting here alone tot of doin more assignment.. but kinda lazy to do it.. cos rush since yesterday til morning.. oh great fyp supervisor was late n put blame on me for goin back hometown.. wtf.. too irritating to even bother.. haha... flickr down.. so i'll jus use blogger to upload pics which is unusual action i will take in consideration.. cos upload from blogger.. the color tend to desaturate and pixelate a bit... in short quality look not so nice.. anyway this is a short post

one chop only... can any1 FILL MORE for me pls T__T

was plurking away in starbucks.. haha

this frap tasted nice n i like the fragrant from the nuts too.. its sort of my fav macadamia milk flavour but this wif additional of caffeine... yummylicious.. wahaha.. waiting for dinner.. keke..

**tracing some stupid stuff for fyp.. so irritating.. zzz
**sit at qb.. no leng chai kap.. -__-
**CAN ANYONE chop more starbucks for me?? T__T
**gosh i really dislike tis blogger photo uploader quality.. but wateverrr...
**here i wish papa happy bday, happy 31st anniversary for both parents... wahaha..
**waiting for sis n mr barney

Monday, November 16, 2009

~recent delicacies~

been a while since i post something new.. or something that makes ppl drools.. at this hour.. here i am.. posting this week.. my year 3 semester 2, week 4 delicacies that i'd indulged.. lol.. i jus upload some of them.. they r pics that i need not change color or adjust this n dat.. too lazy to photoshop or do anything wif my pics.. lalala~~~

start out wif this mon.. was a bad day but then noob called.. ask go lunch wif poe, just n gf.. we head to han chon a korean restaurant which offer a very reasonable priced set lunch at rm9.99 wif main dish, soup, kimchi +3 more sides n drinks..

my colorful bulgogi mix rice.. anyway i guess they put wrong menu.. bulgogi suppose to hv marinated beef but this bowl consist only veges n mushroom* but this is tasty thou..

our royal stick n gold wing.. *discounted rm10 cos of dat calender coupon v brought*

overall the food here taste not bad.. the price is reasonable.. the drumstick really 2 thumbs up as its really crispy.. thx thomas da noob for recommending..

fri was another hectic day for me.. thou was really happy wif my logo done.. hse no water.. water was so yellow until u cant cook.. might show the yellow water next update.. dun wan2 screw up my tasty mouth watering post.. haha..

anyway i took lrt to klcc to snap my artworks at sony style.. did not snap much as there were lotsa ppl walking around.. ish!!

the logo.. did it in a day T__T.. anyway.. i feel not so bad after all.. haha

anyway did not snap pop but this is the emailer at erm.. speechless.. walk around klcc.. remembering hse no water to cook.. i bought my fav inari wif salmon skin n fish roe at isetan wif 30% disc.. totally a steal.. it was so tasty n so worth it.. compared to sakae.. i prefer this from isetan from taste to price.. isetan beat sakae..

another two thumbs up ^^

as for yesterday.. erm.. better to state the date, 14/11/09 exabytes movie day at 1u.. went to meet up.. b4 that v had lunch at at delicious..

my rice n pomelo salad.. not showing my duck lychee curry cos pic need to photoshop.. haha.. but the taste was ok..

bro's duck wif mash potato.. its a steal.. i kinda like the taste..

sy n ivy's side dish.. dunno wats that.. haha.. shud b fried brinjal..

mr chan's burger.. the look totally hit us.. jus look at that succulent patty with melted cheese.. gosh..

after that v head to cinema to ready the booth.. haha.. lotsa weird question was asked.. n of cos.. i dun really know how to answer cos technically i know nuts bout hosting.. back then i was jus a clerk.. haha..

new color green bag from exa.. used to b blue.. now orange.. their logo color.. complimentary color.. nice combination thou..

pop corn n free drinks were given on that day too.. compare to nuffnang free screening.. exa's neva fail to give goodies n combo of free drinks n pop corn.. ermm.. while nuffy's gave only free seats which i feel not enuf.. haha...

my yesterday's dinner..

this tasty succulent ducky located somewhere mppj.. there are pork knuckles, soya egg "lo tan" n fried vege.. taste excellent for all the dishes.. u can order rice or porridge to eat wif.. but highly recommend the porridge.. price is very cheap.. a dinner for 5ppl.. jus rm45 wif large portion of each dishes served..

*noted all pics were taken using 50mm.. sharp n need not photoshop.. wahaha
*due to yesterday nice food.. today i makan char bi hun only.. T__T
* thx sy n ivy for the beautiful + cute keychain.. hehe..
*when will i do my work??

Monday, November 2, 2009

~people around~

this post is all bout ppl who appreciates me and love me.. n yeah i love them too.. sounds very lovey dovey?? perhaps i'm in mood.. too much of negative thoughts n bad attempts.. which i chickened out when i'm near those subjects,, i'm such a wimp. last weekend i've said something that i feel guilty.. but cant do anything.. i know my family always there for me.. family means mom, dad, bro, 2sistas n lucky^^

friends come and go.. some might just a hi n a bye.. but i hope we will always keep in contact.. to my cls frens.. i will not quit from bridging us.. the good thing bout chinese new year.. v get together.. to utar frens, some of u.. eventually became gem of my life which having same level with my cls frens.. to some new known frens from plurking we became frens.. hope to maintain our goody frenship.. to my intern colleagues.. if u ppl came along here.. haha.. hello.. of cos i heart u ppl too.. well to those dumb ass who step my tail last weekend.. u wont appear here but.. i still wan2 say stop promising anything.. get the hack off my sight.. wahaha.. in conclusion, to every1 pls do not promise me anything.. haha

family ^^
yrssss back.. i wan2 go again can? T__T

the day v ate so so many fishes.. haha.. kemunting@kedah..

back then was so so glaring.. mind me for did not sleep n look so 'chan' haha

my deary sis n lucky boy.. lol.. bro in law say must wear the hat nice nice.. slot in boy's ears inside the hat.. ^^ my baby so cute

traumatic look.. but i still like this pic.. haha

baby's face n my head tercrop.. lol.. v loves ss in room.. ^^

friends ^^
a suprise visit to miss cutter hse.. this time i brought et n cicak wif me

our 2nd annual meet up.. connaught pics was too ugly to post it up.. haha

we visited redbox, subaidah, lotsa time of kfc n makan makan cakap cakap^^

annual agama outing..

company ss trip1-pola
company outing right after my getaway.. ^^

2nd canon marathon.. the day when we r too smart^^ happy giler to b so smart.. haha

a sudden ipoh trip.. lol..

intern pioneers.. some thought v were from same college.. haha

thnakie... meoww~~.. from some frens.. another souvenirs.. secret cannot post. haha.. souvenirs might b the same but it doesn't matter cos its the heart n sincerity that counts..

another getaway wif shim.. some might thought i hv split personality or mental disorder but.. i dun care.. haha..

i always feel happy wen i c nice sunset.. haha...

**this post, thx to poladroid save my time..
**idea by monique.. in plurk she said wan2 c her face in my blog.. haha
**thx to some of frens n family around that try cheer me up.. lol
**i love polaroid.. can i hv the white 1?? haha
**dedicate to all who remember me not only wen need me.. haha.. but there for me wen i needed some1

Thursday, October 22, 2009


suddenly tot of bloggin'... wahaha.. suppose doin something i should be doin but here i am.. typing n ever so reluctant to get my butt off the white chair wif checker cushion.. saw my tag which i loves it much much.. yeah its not genuine leather but pvc brown wif pink strap.. a gift from marketing grace on my last day.. lol.. yeah later everything i used is from sony.. to save up from buying new stuff anyway.. found a pvc-ed leather for cyber-shot which now i'm using it as my purse.. wahaha..

well class started 2days ago.. 1st time my life in UTAR... i'm given a CHOICE... yeah finally i can make my own choice in utar.. the choice i had to make was between psychology n public speaking.. never give my brain to process anything.. i jus say.. i'm taking public speaking.. oh well.. not cos i can speak perfectly.. in fact the flaws n grammar errors.. lots to the hell.. i took public speaking cos i dun wan2 study on theory anymore.. n had a bad experince lecture back to 3sems ago.. where my lecturer irritated me to the max n kinda strangled my nerves wif her irritating voice n attitude too.. i might sound very mean.. perhaps i am.. MEAN..

choosing public speaking do made a big different in me n us.. the lunch gang shrank to jus me, poe, ah bit n noob.. yeeleng n kel chose psychology.. this is the 1st time.. to split us up.. today is thurs.. which means our normal breaky or shud say brunch get from pasar pagi.. yeeleng's nasi kerabu as usual.. mine normally would be nasi goreng pedas wif mixed rendang n daging kurma.. while others.. they do change their menu.. the impact of not being together for this sem.. big or small.. i'm not sure.. mayb intern too.. splitted us by abit.. but i do feel some of us r closer than b4.. miss those days where i could jus gear up n run away.. at least i dun need to chase bus.. i believes.. i shall call mom later <:

at this moment.. i still loves my class.. at least this lecturer speaks elegantly, good in general knowledge n she dun bored us wif philosophies like some others love to.. the email she shared yesterday was in fact a funny 1.. we were given chance to talk in class.. n i mean every1 to talk.. yeah.. pretty enjoy a class wif interactions n breaking the ice.. she asked us to talk bout internship instead of talking bout ourselves which yeah.. boring cos more or less.. most of us know each other.. some of them really had hard time for their internship.. threaten to treat the boss ice cream, wear mascot, a boss that is gay.. n yeah jackie.. the fat boss .. if i were them.. i would name him as jack ass.. lol.. its rather funny.. oh yeah i would not put away chance to step CK.. as lecturer ask us do utar really care.. i would have say no.. wat ck loves doin was to threaten us, failing us which he got no authority in doin so, n no rights to rip off our future just by doin so..

a pic to share my lovely tag n newly bought book..

today is 22.10.2009... officially 7months left for me to enjoy life as student.. time flies.. with a zap of light.. pooff.. here i am.. in my final year.. doin final year project n start stepping bit by bit into some job which i feel i shud accept.. is tough.. whether to stay in pj or jus head back to penang to be the gal at home or hunt job further from jus pj.. but watever it is.. not gonna think now.. cos who knows wat gonna happen tomoro.. n well.. live life for today.. worry later.. haha.. dats all for now..

photoshop asking me to touch it..
fyp asking me to search it..
blogspot asking me to publish it..
IB asking herself to stop it...