Monday, October 10, 2011

New Blogspot Interface and Facebook Quote

yesterday i was so happy to update my blogspot to the new interface :)
It is so easy to check who are my visitor and where are they from.. how many people actually visit my blog.. my reader hits are getting lesser.. iloveblog era was so geng.. i had at least 20-30 readers everyday.. that was when i kept writing reviews on books, trips and all.. perhaps i should write back all those :) that will be in

the old one.. not so user friendly and not so pretty.. dull and 1.0web style
 the new one is simpler, cleaner, more user experienced type of interface

Today my facebook link.. so many people like this quote cos it is so true..

being single really does not mean that we are not good enough.. just that no one is good enough for us for the moment :)

That's all for today.. skipped gym cos lack of cars :) will continue back on wednesday.. thurs need to skip cos mom's bday.. fri needs to skip cos working in bayview.. sat and sun i should go :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

friday's lunch

monday is just a few hours away.. but hey.. i rewarded myself some nice seafood last friday for working faster than my scheduled routine ^_^

seafood soba:
step 1: boil water and boil the soba for 3minutes (i boiled 5minutes and the outcome was too soft to my liking)
step2: clean the squid and prawns.. when you choose your prawn, make sure it is fresh and always has its head attached ^_^
step 4: fry the prawns' head and shells until aromatic..
step5: pour in water and bring it to boil.. this is to get the prawns essence but not too much intake of the cholestrol stuff on the prawn head.. throw the shells n prawns head after this and keep the stock for the soba

step 6: with 3 drop of oil on the non sticking pan.. fry the prawns until golden brown..
the prawns was practically dancing which reminded me the cute hip hop instructor.. lol.. watching him is like watching step up live... (opps sorry for the distraction by associating cooking with dancing)

step 7: add in squid and salmon.. need not add additional oil for this as salmon contains lotsa fish oil ^_^.
As the seafood is almost done.. sprinkle a pinch of salt to taste..

tadaa.. this was my friday lunch ^_^

2more extra plates for parents... lil lucky wants abit but no... no seafood for my handsome baby ^_^...

budget for this meal:
soba: rm3.50
prawns: rm5
squid: rm2
salmon: rm9
3drops of oil, 30minutes gas usage, salt, soy sauce: rm1.50?
left over cabbage and carrots: rm0.50..

total: 21.50 for 3person+1baby nephew meal...

**next post will be how to cook the noodles.. but i dun think i will use soba anymore.. spagetti/angel hair would have taste nicer :D
** life is good when you eat healthy and feel happy consuming the food...
**recipe and food cooked.. all within my imagination.. i shall not limit my imagination no matter on design or cooking ^_^...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Minimalism-and-RIP Steve Jobs

Today is a day where many living today in despair.. so am i.. getting news of my favourite reference, my idol of presentation, leopea's grand dad, a genius has passed away.. it is kind of devastating.. :(

a moment of silent for Steve Jobs please........

source - -
Sent this message of condolences to him.. you will always be greatly remembered :)

... thanks..

As yesterday i changed my blog to white n really plain header with simple adjustment of html.. i got my blog done in around 30minutes.. i shall continue further :)

the header done in around 20minutes? or less.. without the mouse.. thx to battery dried up :( new website will based on minimalism with a touch of magic :)

“That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” – New York Times, The Guts of a New Machine, 2003

May live long.. all hail apple devices and mac computers.. Steve Jobs will bless you and me ^_^...

*he pass away with glory.. not afraid to face his death
these are some of his quotes which we can get from:

A sad day ended up with bits of laughters.. :)
Running and dancing which pumped my adrenaline and keep it running high..
Seeing MrStepUp is fun enough.. with addition of..... :)
Thank you MrStepUp.. hehe.. but i really do not know how to talk to you :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Starting to share food that i prepare to work.. :)
Will always make some extra so people around me can try

So this is what i got for today:
with 3 drops of oil.. i fry my sliced mushrooms and halved tomatoes :)

The out come.. bottom with wild rockets, then my scramble egg with tomatoes n mushrooms, topped with a 1cm-thick pork honey glazed ham,, with generous amount of black peppers :)

made some extra, parents can eat too.. for this photo... do not deceived by lucky, he got his part before papa even get his hands on the sandwich ^_^

Feels happy seeing people enjoy my cook :) Without realizing, i am such a huge wild rockets fan.. I do not fancy the normal rockets but crazy over wild rockets :) It is time to be healthy
Came across this message in facebook:
I had this feeling.. sharing this quote to everyone.. I used to afraid of letting people know that i actually had crush.. but now.. who cares :) it was all just a sweet dream and nightmare.. Do not give up or hate everyone around just because of one person.. it wouldnt worth the outcome ^_^

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Spirit

another day of october.. pampering myself with hair mask n steambath with body butter..
have to insert the never give up spirit back to myself :) I must pull myself back :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

hold on and get up :)

been months since the last updates.. merely 5months.. my life was in a mess.. emotional break down.. past haunting.. erm dirty room? slow at work.. which i really feel sorry for my company.. my lack of attention to my works.. :( well things happen not because of one reason.. but multiple reasons.. words wrote can never be erased :)

been slacking since my last post.. seeing the weighing machine.. was another heart break.. not just was.. still is :( gained damn lotsa kgs since i work.. stress and gluttony.. went for body check up... phewww luckily no high blood pressure.. >< guess its time to do something about it :)

joined gym.. life is getting abit interesting :)

well life is getting better now.. october is the month of celebration wat :) mom's bday, buddies bday, october fest, halloween photoshoot, will be away this december and next yr for 2months :)

time to be positive back.. i can do it..
step one: clean room (in process)
step two: buy table
step three: buy white board
step four: find some side jobs
step five: make people around me happy :)
step six: ..............

its time to be balance :)