Friday, September 18, 2009

~his name is.... ~

been more than a week since i post.. something bout myself.. 2 post b4 this was not for myself.. to help fren and family... n now here i am.. today is joey's last day in sony.. sorry i cant go back for the farewell wif u... cos i'm still in penang.. anyway hope u feel the best of last day.. n of cos.. v do still miss each other n will go out once i'm back from penang.. hehe...

because of lazy worms attacked.. i havent format my poor leopea.. i havent upload pics into laptop.. yeah 3 weeks ago.. n i did not load... apart from lazy worms.. me too as well.. almost everyday not at home.. haha.. this of cos.. dried my poor lil pocket..

sis got back my camua babea today.. n my purse, license, etc... zzz... out again today.. lalala~~~ babies clothing.. all AWESOME.. had my childhood food.. fries from gama.. yeah.. its nice.. but abit pricely for the amt.. but it worth a while.. chewing that fries wif sis n mom..

oh ya back to the title... his name is....
kigo wong
he is my latest baby boy

his name is.. kigo wong.. lol.. his color says it all.. he do represented ah wongg in a way.. cos he is yellow.. due to my laziness.. lol.. this post.. only 1 pic.. n this pic.. i snapped at around 5pm when i get back my camua babea.. haha.. will show more of my internship.. as i said.. i will post.. too many pics to post.. v ss.. v sing... n yeah.. v rocked..

last day was awesome.. n unforgettable.. this reminded me.. as a worker in EOG(england optical) when they gave me whole month of every1 commission.. thx cos komtar condition was so bad.. v cant get much.. T_T... then another very quick n sudden wen i left exa to go utar.. having whole company lunched wif me in pizza hut.. i was shocked.. yeah totally shocked to max.. n yeah almost teared.. n now.. sony.. started this intern.. was rather stressful as for the workloads.. but ppl around r great.. i guess luck was always wif me.. mimi blessed me well.. wherever i go.. i'm blessed wif lotsa nice ppl surrounding me n pulling me up when i feel down.. workload was.. alot until i OT alot.. but seeing own work on display.. i definitely forget what is the sleepless night condition.. banners, POPs, window display, new range of pricetags.. newsletters.. no doubt.. changed my life..

there are much lesson i've learnt throughout this almost 4months working as graphic designer in RMD.. not that i have a real graphic designer as supervisor.. but since i have so many different supervisors.. i learnt.. marketing stuff, n some working ethic i need to perform.. besides that, from now onwards.. i will PRIORITIZE my works.. this is the best lesson i learnt from sony.. some r opportunist.. not jus in sony.. but.. in life.. finally i know.. who is good to me, who is not.. who needs me n who i dun need.. haha.. its fun.. to see how ppl find u only when u r needed .. but this is life.. yes.. i've learnt.. n i'm still learning...

**will post more bout sony.. lalala
**end of post

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~create your own web now~

this post is for those who interested in learning web creating or web design but dunno where to start from.. now there is Vudoz having class for you.

learn the whole webdesign skill tutored by an experienced designer. the benefit of this class is that, they only allocate a maximum of 8 person per class and the class is on weekend.

for more info pls visit VUDOZ
jus a simple click u will get learn more on how to get there..

* for kl resident if u collect roughly bout 8ppl in the class the tutor might consider having a class for u at somewhere damansara.. do drop by.. adios.

** for now, i'm currently too 'busy'. .. erm hanging out wif my frens..
** next week will update intern..
** next week will plan something morreee....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~love happens and responsible owner in need~

this is a real quick update.. jus got back from dinner, thong sui n walk walk wif et n yt.. yt goin back uk on thurs.. gosh.. gonna miss the time v hang out again.. anyway.. this morning i went visit 3rd auntie today wif mom.. as well as find charles n yah yah..

so who are charles n yah yah?? let me intro mr handsome yet very pampered charles..
he winx at me.. =.O *cuteness*

played wif me til too tired.. lol.. cute paws kan??

told u.. charles very pampered.. lol.. that was my sis hands back in march wen i snapped..

miss pretty wif smiley face.. now she is mrs charles wong
yah yah
this is yah yah.. pic taken back in march again

yah yah says hello to me this morning.. this pic still hot from my cf card

happy side face...

the reason i post this blog so quickly without photoshop nor post internship 1st cos yah yah is now pregnant with charles babies.. love happens.. from fren they became lovers and now they are officially husband and wife.. lots of their pics were taken but no time to photoshop or crop.. cos i'm to lazy so i jus load watever that does not need touch up.. wahaha

their babies will be a mixed breed of king charles spaniel(KCS) and schnauzer as charles is KCS breed and yah yah is a schnauzer.. cute puppies on their way to earth in bout 2months

currently i'm helping my aunt to seek for kind hearted owner who is responsible, loving and willing to take care of one or 2 of the puppies.. many might not like mixed breed but mixed breed have their positive sides which they have higher immune system, as the genes mixed *please read more bio or ask me for further info* do not worry of ho the puppy looks like.. as they will be as adorable as the parents.. our condition of the owner MUST BE VERY RESPONSIBLE towards the puppy and not just taking the puppy and love them for a while..

a responsible owner criteria would be:
*willing to spend time to train the puppy pee n poo *or u can ask for my help*
*spend time to cuddle n pamper them means shower them wif love
*do not abandon or leave the puppy untouched

getting a dog is not as troublesome as some of u might think.
a dog is a good companion and can even cheer u up when u r down.. jus like miracle sent by heaven.. u might think i'm very naggy but just put urself on the dog place if u think being abandon is nothing.. even if i feed u biscuit everyday but if u dun get to go out, get love by frens or family.. u will too feel emo.. so do all the dogs..

** this post pic all taken by 50mm
** up next.. internship
** pls do consider and spread the news.. puppies will be delivered around november
** personally drop me email or comment here.. i'll get to u..