Sunday, June 21, 2009

~untitled 3~

opppss.. sorry for dunno wat to write for title again.. today morning was a real nice 1.. went out to pasar to get lotsa pork cos tonight mau cook bah kut teh.. bought lotsa stuff i wan2 makan.. bought some yam too.. gonna make a nice dinner tonight.. yays.. now again sitting in startbucks.. so i can on9.. i can 100% sure.. i cannot survive without on9.. haha.. jus jk.. cos i din even bring my adapter cos i dun wan2 stay out too long.. come to jaya one jus to reload hp to call dad.. cos today is father's day.. mom said she red eye.. i tot she was joking.. mana tau really.. kesian.. *pai pai mama faster recover*.. walk around jaya 1.. buy some charity stuff.. a nice green bag for 8 bucks.. n something for my fren.. c that animal.. reminds me of her ade.. hahaha..

my jelly frappucino.. *pic taken wif hp*

yesterday too.. besides being a couch potato in the evening.. i made something for my phone.. a phone pouch.. too broke to buy a decent pouch for my lil cutie handsome phone.. hahaha... measuring my seatbelt.. will sew a seatbelt cover to protect my neck.. hahaha..
this is my hp pouch.. ^o^

perhaps too free while waiting for bro or friends.. i kinda clean up whole room n closet.. i wiped all the walls as well.. while watching some drama.. i sew that pouch.. then i found da crystal phone-chain *is there such a word??* a gift from yt.. she brought it back from taiwan.. 1st i saw kg's in the car.. a girl.. mine.. teehehehe.. yt bought me a dog.. physically looks like my dearry lucky boy.. well that gift.. i think kinda pricey T__T paise.. cos the packaging pretty nice,, a gold paperbag n another pink pouch.. i mm seh tak use that phone chain^o^...

let the picture give says wat i dunno how to describe

closed up pic.. *wif macro filter on*

slightly tilt head to the left ^o^

front view.. innocent looking face.. jus like lucky ^o^

top view.. left again.. *am i a lefty??*

been a long time since i put on white paper on my bed to snap pic.. today did it in the morning.. all light r so natural from my windows.. today too i woke up very early to look sunrise from my lil room.. the mixed mixed feeling.. anyway.. happy level is higher this time.. hahaha.. again work getting more uplifting.. newsletter is ready.. at least to me,.. tomoro is my last day bring my pendrive to work.. cos itu IT man wan2 confiscate my pendrive.. damn.. their comp got virus nothing to do wif me.. cos i'm confident wif my leopea free from virus ^o^... oki.. gtg,, the most important thing in bah kut teh i din buy yet.. zzz.. the herbs.. how those pork, balls n fu chok goin2 taste nice without herbs... bye every1.. pls dun miss me too much.. been sneezing so so much lately.. hahaha..

** can any1 guide me how to snap those crystal nicer??
**when can i on9 at home.. damn..
**gonna eat pork n balls n fu chok like a pig tonight... *gobble gobble*
**pls dun make me sneeze.. hahaha

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~untitled 2~

well.. i dunno wat to put for my title.. but this is not a random post cos i wan2 post bout my trip to bukit jalil.. been a week since i can on9 peacefully in my lil room.. n still now i cant on9 inside my room.. reached ikano at 930.. which now my 1st experience to hear announcement from ikea "welcome to ikea, u may now shopping.. bla bla bla." walk to ikano starbucks.. oh well.. ppl pun baru buka.. haha.. i cant order immedately thou.. so i sit.. n of cos.. ONLINE.. main point come here.. hahaha..
ordered my breakfast set which cost me rm6.85.. err okla.. i can on9 then anything oso ok... *i sound like virtual world addict*

our breakfast set~~

weather pretty nice today.. rain heavily jus now.. wow wow.. yeah yeah.. but stopped in less than 1 hour.. have pretty nice seat here n i think i wont be leaving so soon.. ok.. talk bout last 2 weeks.. got some tickets to c lam fung at stadium bukit jalil.. 1st in my mind is my dearry et.. so v went to watch him.. btw et din go at the end.. went there wif mom, yt n shin chan..

thats jus us.. ss everywhere..

pics ss in car while waiting.. domo says hello to mr.9 n babe.. around stadium bukit jalil.. n yeah.. one of the pic background r those ppl who go wif me.. for the green tag.. haha.. cos i din buy anything.. nothing.. lalala... both of us.. walk around n snap n ss... then v proceed to the stadium.. finding a nice place.. was jus so hard..

thats the stage.. nice kan??

we then sit very very far from the stage... that place.. was scary.. cos very high n stair very steep.. gerli.. v wait n wait til neck oso long.. lam fung oso belum come out.. *btw thats elken day*.. i slept in the stadium.. while some of them went to buy snack to chew,, well some of the show very entertaining.. advertisement.. lalalalala~~ suddenly got 1 singer came out.. faizal from one in a million.. well kinda like him as an entertainer.. he sings pretty well too.. but lazy to post his pic here.. cos erm.. lazy?? i enjoyed his appearance as i can sing along too.. yeah... soon.. almost 11pm lam fung.. finally pop out... hahaha

finally... long awaited mr raymond lam..

finally he face our side ^o^.. use til digital zoom..
those ppl.. over excited til wan2 gobble him..
this pic taken.. when he sings.. *insufficient love*
end of his performance.. back into the stage..

after his performance there are still some prize giving.. but.. too bad.. every1 is goin home.. so obvious.. most ppl are waiting for him only.. no regret bout this trip.. thou i was fooled by gps to bird park.. then v used our intelligence to go to stadium,,, using our intuition.. hahaha.. waited for hours.. oso v r happy...i loves the shouting n singing.. n my frens.. 2 of them yelled "lam fung look here, v r here".. i was totally SHOCKED.. hahaha.. late late dinner at picadilly after concert.. yeah..

**this blog post pic not taken by my camua..
**1st pic in starbucks taken wif my phone
**concert n ss pic.. n lam fung pic.. taken by other camera :P *10q*
**i wish to post more.. but home cant on9.. sigh...
**off to somewhere else.. ngek ngek ngek

Sunday, June 7, 2009

~joanna promo tour~

it was last fri.. 830pm joanna came to town for her promo tour.. was a real hectic day for me back then... work til lunch oso no need go.. sighs.. but a bad starting day ended wif joy.. soon as i finish work.. pack my stuff n ready to get a cake for boss asked by another boss.. press money.. buy cake.. n try some nice ice cream while waiting.. haha.. ok.. hv to speed to 1u soon... following kerinchi link.. after tol... jam giler.. but i enjoy the sunset of the day as well.. mayb bcos a POP was done.. feel happy abit.. ok lets move to joanna..

so as i reach 1u last fri, meet up wif the G(s).. sitting on the 2nd row was a nice 1.. but the row behind me was "sony"... ok.. waited freaking long.. worry to the max bout the cake inside my car.. once joanna is out.. totally forget bout everything.. she is not pretty or exaggerate wif her clothing or wat.. jus a plain simple singer with good voice.. was hoping her to sing the best mistake i've ever made.. but sadly she din.. nvm,, cos now i keeps repeat that song..

there's some pic i snap of her.. actually alot.. but too lazy to choose more.. cos the hot weather is killing me.. kill my mood.. damn.. ok skip my mood..

the stage,,, up close..
might look a bit blur.. but i love green.. blur more.. was a blur day too :P

singing wif 'feel'.. *baby flash on*

singing wif joy.. *baby flash off*

end of the promo.. both cd not mine thou...
got her signature ler.. ngek ngek..
i went up to stage too.

every single song gives a meaning.. most frequent thing she did was.. wipe her sweat.. hotty hot malaysia.. thats not the end of the day... things happened within reasons.. life.. lalala.. shud enjoy more.. this weekend.. i enjoy more than any1 did... lol.. n yeah... i love the crystal hp chain given by ms yt.. jus open it.. n lovee it to max.. *mm seh tak use* pic belum snap.. will snap soon n post it here..

**pic wif baby flash on or off better?
**up coming next.. raymond lam fung...
**tomoro is monday.. sigh.. T_T tiredness ahead

Monday, June 1, 2009

~forever 16~

today is the day... 1st of june.. stand for another 16... lalala.. i know this post is outdated n boring.. but for my own pleasure.. i still wan2 post this.. its bout my bday which almost half a year ago.. things happened.. for some joy, laughters n tears.. having some of the ppl around me.. makes me feel real good.. n i mean it ^o^.. thx to member jane who accompany me thou u r so far in uk.. it was a real hard 1.. n very very thankiu... teeeheeheehee.. i think u will read this.. trying to make u feel cold.. haha..

there goes my 1st suprise or celebration.. it din turn out to b a suprise.. cos i saw those candles... read more here

this pic.. wahaha that top right.. et is aiming on my cake.. "et, its mine :P", there goes pei pei famous "ma che" hair by cq.. my pink princess gloria, gingea, the gals... n my bottle of messagess.. weee~~

there u go.. my paintings.. wahaha.. only mine painted on face.. but still.. i enjoy it.. ss again?? yes i was..

i miss decorating my cake.. miss making cakes n baking gingea too >.<... can i bake again?? pls help me eat can?? any volunteer?? well that was 28 dec 2008.. b4 2009.. they celebrated my bday dee,, wahahaha.. my bday eve... cos it was so simple.. yet i enjoy every moment of it.. every1 was rushing back uni.. n yesh 2 of my fren fetch me out.. they insisted to round around penang til clock struck 12.. v had dinner at e-gate.. oh ya lett n sulin called me out too.. but i just cant split to two.. haha.. after our dinner.. v really did round around sg dua n to qb.. they said wan2 let me look at the night scenery of penang bridge b4 i head back to petaling jaya.. the funniest part was... they sing.. not jus one language.. but a few.. gals.. i really feel real touched.. oh ya not to forget those whom sms-ed me.. thx.. lalala~~ the next morning.. went for hearty breakfast wif king n queen.. makan dim sum.. slurp slurp..

c the pic right top?? thats my mom morning routine.. talking on phone wif my aunties.. n yeah my cute boy have his morning stretch too... awww.. miss my dear cute boy.. hehehe... went to dim sum place.. served by king n queen... ^o^.. dad order that bday noodle.. thou jus 3 of us.. but v ate alot.. as usual.. dad will tapao a siew pau for boy as his lunch..

night sis came back.. hehe.. i know they up to something.. n yes.. they r celebrating their baby gal's bday.. haha.. i'm still my hse baby.. apple of their hearts.. :P n v love ss... comp bro not around cos working.. but dun worry.. later u will c ur face here.. n cannot kill me.. haha...

my pressies, cake... n messy hair too.. hahaha.. sy n annie.. ur pressie oso in the pic ^o^.. terima kasih.. hehehe... n yeah my new purse after 2 yrs of hunting.. the old purse was 2002.. that was 7yrs ago.. haha.. thx mom.. ngek ngek...

after ss n having fun wif my dear family.. i hv to get back to pj.. was a bit not in good condition wen i reach pj.. haha.. perhaps too much of fun n sleepless night outings.. i sleep even mj say she comin back.. which i sense.. she is celebrating my bday.. abit perasan? err perhaps.. n so i slept....

jus look at my face wif the cake.. baru bangun.. haha..

the pic wif totoro.. taken today in office.. while every1 working i ss wif totoro.. cos neva had a pic taken wif it.. i ss not becos i curi tulang.. is becos i got no comp to use.. haha.. they gave me a new comp without ai n psd.. how am i suppose to work?? so this is my latest face.. haha..

then proceed to the final celebration.. t4 celebrated my bday.. becos it was gd showcase.. after that wen they celebrate my bday.. i was like a star.. wahahaha.. cos so many dslr shooting me.. hair again was in a big mess.. wth is wrong wif my hair??

i dunno who to credit for all the pics.. cos too many photographers.. dat include myself as 1 too..

the most i would like to thx is.. wenny cos the cake was brought all the way from seremban to petaling jaya.. *hearts* n thx her for the extra puff too.. teehehehe... lepas tu thx all for replying emails too.. which i dunno wats the content..

hey i'm giving speech eh :P...

slot in esper's toiletries n my packaging design here cos was featured in showcase.. yeah.. i love esper so much ^^.. the cake pic.. was so nice.. i dunno who snapped that but this is the pic i like the most of the special cake.. cute cake for me.. yipppeee...oh ya at the end i dun need to cut the cake n gve ppl.. cos i did this for every1's bday.. lol.. merajuk sikit tak mau buat kerja for own bday.. ngek ngek.. since tkj not doin this work.. i think is the class rep cut the cake.. if not mistaken.. lalala~~ cont ss n forget who cut it..


my yearly card from yan ting.. normally from uk to pg.. but this year was different.. all the way from toronto to pj.. i love cards... omg... then.. the lil forever fren bear.. was a real suprise.. reach home.. dead tired.. i sleep.. ignored david's skype.. so wen i awake.. i still lazy to get out from my room n cont on9 n chat.. til i wan2 go to toilet.. i saw this cute lil bear sitting ever lonely outside my lil mini room... awww... quickly took him to the room.. n yesh.. of cos i;m very very happy.. suddenly got 2 forever friends bear.. i always like them... always... then the potrait lens... sponsored by kmchow.. y i put his pic here?? cos in family ss pic.. he was working.. lalala~ kmchow.. i will train u ss soon.. kekeke... i will...

**told ya this is a real long post... wahaha..
**omg post this since yesterday.. n now is 2nd june..
**here wish my IP dear happy bday... if u ever come across here.. :P
**IP happy birthday from ur IB.. din post ur pic here.. but top oso got ur face :P
**tomoro is another working day..
**tomoro meet up dee gang.. hurray..
**n yes.. i'm forever 16... yeahhss..