Sunday, December 20, 2009

~sinful attacks~

suddenly in mood of posting my sinfulness, ss n some festive pic.. ppl might think i'm so damn free now.. erm i shall say.. YES!!! i'm free thou i got some work to do but i jus put those work aside.. pretty good mood today i should announce.. DP, mom says yes to me dee.. hope v are able to contact.. keke.. *secret*... lalalala~~

left mom n i dinner jus now.. so went to tesco to make some sin.. purchase it.. burned a small hole in my pocket again but i would say.. the aroma n taste of it worth the burning.. haha..
the 400gm of bacon streak!!!
*pic taken with 50mm + help from my w705 touchlight cos the light at particular space at home burnt n cannot on =.=*

words said n done for certain stuff,, kinda happy.. anyway.. lost another job.. whenever i'm back in pg.. i will hv some job.. darn >.<" hippie hippie all over my mind.. hope that will happen thou... haha.. dated bro to webcam on thung chit dinner.. bro at kl alone,, no tong yuen for him this year.. kesian giler.. happy days was all over me this few weeks.. last week was awesome.. its 1st time i stay in pj almost 5days after i pass up my fyp component 1.. outings definitely makes me happy. well who dun like it.. hole is hole but since happy,, will not care much la.. some pics of happiness taken.. 1u, klcc, curve, ikano, timesquare, sg wang n pavilion displays.. but will only post some of it thou.. haha.. lazy to upload pic from hp..

this pic edited n look as if its wrapped.. *e-present for all my blog visitor__ thx for visiting, comments r welc.. haha*

no fish eye lens? try this.. haha..

haha.. i was stalked while ss-ing with xmas ball.. *pls note.. purposely sign up photobucket to load this animated image.. hahaha..*

lonely bear bear at ikea.. reminds me of ms ib..
bad things bout nowadays ppl is.. they let their kids take anything they like then jus throw wherever or whenever they dun wan.. this particular bear bear very pitiful too bad i hv no $$ buy it.. seeing bearbear alone there.. its like a lil prick to my heart..

15934_227198954433_608204433_4090319_5071924_n copy
took this pic from kelvin's fb
*too bad 20 back early n sweecheng reach late T__T.. but still 3 of us very happy n ss alot.. haha*

been to so many places this sem.. happy happy.. its rather relax to study public speaking.. haha... can i b a good speaker in future n give good speeches around the world?? i wish it will become reality.. haha.. sg wang, pavilion, ikano, 1u pics.. too lazy to post dee.. its now 1am.. n i'm still awake..

swam jus now.. icy cold water with rain dropletsss.. that really did make my day.. hehe.. i hope this kinda feeling of happiness remain forever.. ermmm pretty ignorant to want something forever.. but.. watever.. i just say only.. i can feel emoness will hunt me soon.. haha.. now my lucky over pampered which made sis abit zzz to c how manja he is.. my boy.. yeahs...

**will b back for more...
**in mood to bake n cook.. bake bake bake..
**nites every1..
**trallalalaala.... oh ya.. good luck to all frens who will take exam on coming tues.. hugs for all of u.. ^^
**looking forward for my date wif missy sy ^^


KeLLyKeLs said...


cmei said...

haha.. not bodoh.. its creative + diligent.. haha.. animated ler.. haha.. summore u move, i did not.. wahahaha

ivy said...

Date with Missy.. kaka... enjoy ya! I got homecook asam belai so not joining you girls :P

cmei said...

tapao then join us ma.. date wif missy n ah loh :P hehe..