Thursday, October 10, 2013


So fast.. 2 more days to the real day.. Been quite a long journey but not too long too.. It was since prime time til now I am involved in being part of the organizing committee.. 

Stress? Yes maybe cos long time never have this kinda exposure, Boey there.. Having the artist that u like there is stress cos afraid my own work won't look as good or havin that quality there.. Then my friend too is one of the speaker.. He said kanjiong but I'm sure he will be great! Photographer n audiences... Oh n the stressful curator haha.. Grateful to have so many supportive friends.. 

But I guess everything will be good.. Finally chose the theme for 

Meanwhile here's my drawin for tedxweldquay... Hope everyone like the posters.. Booklet and most of all my works lolll... 


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